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  1. 8520 downloads

    Do you feel like some items are harder for you to get? Wouldn't you wish for an easier way to get them? With this mod you can get rare items more often! Features Installation Chagelog Important addition! Now includes compatibility instructions with Insta Rocks and Trees mod! The modified files samples included for easier understanding or just to replace the originals. New: added basic and more loot version replacement files. Discuss this mod here
  2. 6845 downloads

    That's right, Isaac entered the world of Don't Starve! Just as he was about to die, Maxwell saved him and brought him into this world, for fun. Now Isaac no longer relies on his tears, now not only monsters are a threat... Perks - Can eat spoiled food, monster meat and even rot but monster meat still drives him mad. (he had to eat dog food, raw meat and rotten food in order to survive) - Starts with a bomb and his dice (sanity boost). Installation: Unzip in your mod folder and activate in game "Isaac" and "Isaac items".
  3. 3480 downloads

    That's right, now you can play as your favorite robot and role model! Has a complete new speech and equipped with a chemical engine to survive on other matter than alcohol. Perks: - 40% Dolomite (more resistant to damage, can't burn, supports low temperatures, stronger) - can act like a fridge. Installation: Extract to mods folder and activate in game. Enjoy, meatbag!
  4. If you stay in the dark you get attacked by Charlie but it's okay to sleep without a light source nearby using the tent or strawroll.
  5. Pigs and merms live in houses smaller than your basic camp.Insects and birds can stays indefinitely in your inventory without dying of starvation.
  6. You can carry way over 20 logs and still run and fight without a problem.
  7. A librarian can make books with magic abilities.A man can rip his clothes and regrow them.An infinite lighter.A mime with infinite balloons.Respawning pigs and merms.Butter from butterflies.
  8. No. It must have the same name.