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  1. I know I said I would start updating my mods again, but honestly I am really burnt out on don't starve and don't really feel the desire to work on these mods any more. It's just so time consuming and I have so little time these days. So my mods are officially abandoned, consider them open source and I encourage anyone to fork them if you desire to maintain any of them.

  2. So I got my hardware problem sorted out now and I could start working on my mods again, though I find I am really short on time recently but once I get a chance I will see if I can do some quick maintenance.

  3. Unfortunately due to some hardware issues it is currently impossible for me to work on my mods for possibly a few months, so I'm sad to say that they are effectively abandoned indefinitely. I apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for enjoying my mods.

  4. Those seem like bugs, I will look into it when I get the chance, but issues like this are usually mod compatibility related so a list of mods may help me out.
  5. Yea, I love that too, it's amazing what you can do as a modder with the simple tools the game gives you.
  6. Apologies for not replying sooner, that seems like an interesting idea, I suggest making it a stand alone mod of your own, if people prefer your vision, they could disable the evil flower planting feature in my mod and use yours instead.
  7. I try to keep all my mods as up to date as possible, though honestly I find maintaining them a bit stressful so I tend to take short hiatuses.
  8. Sorry I haven't responed in so long, life happens and stuff. That's just my grave, its value is only sentimental. Well by that error log, it has something to do with making it so re-undug graves can't be used to insert Webber skulls in. I thought that feature was working fine but I will look into it. Could you give me a list of mods you use? Also could you put that error log in a spoiler tag?
  9. Sorry if anyone was waiting awhile for this one to get a proper update, since it was almost perfectly compatible with RoG already I put it on the back burner, plus I was meaning to give it an overhaul anyway and like to take my time with this one since it's my most complex mod. My ability to test all possible scenarios is a bit limited, but I do my best to ensure stability, so thanks you all for all your patients.
  10. That actauly looks like a problem with DisplayFoodValues, I know that mod has some problems when it comes to RoG. Well my mod does not write over anything, so it should in theory not be a problem with a mod that does, but I will look into it.
  11. In the moreplantables/scripts/prefabs/mushroots.lua file go to the lines that say: inst:AddComponent("deployable") inst.components.deployable.test = test_ground inst.components.deployable.ondeploy = OnDeployand add inst.components.deployable.min_spacing = 1under them.
  12. Only the first time. After being replanted it will take about twice as long to regrow than when pick, but once picked it will regrow at it's normal rate. This is to encourage picking from a mushroom farm rather than just digging it all up and replanting it, which would eliminate the dynamic of time of day for picking them.