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About This File

Prefab Counter [DST]

Easily count a configurable list of prefabs/items in a world, like walrus camps, amount of reeds, etc., to quickly check if a generated world is worth playing.

Just run PC:Count() in the remote console to show a fresh count of the items in the current shard.

Features and Usage

The Prefab Counter mod is purely server-side, intended to be used by a server admin to get a quick overview over the generated Overworld and Caves to see at a glance if worlds have been generated with enough resources for the intended playstyle. Typically, one could be interested in the number of walrus camps, reeds, marble sources, or planted mandrakes, and if the world spawned with too little of a resource, a new chance is just a simple world regeneration away. Go ahead, whisk away the lives of every single soul inhabiting the constant, without a second thought.

To count the configured items/prefabs in the shard you're currently in, simply run PC:Count() in the Remote Console as an admin, and the results will be printed to the chat and server log as a system message. After the results fade out, you can open the chat again (default key: Y) to see the text for as long as you need to ponder bringing armageddon upon the world. You monster.

Certain items only ever spawn in the Caves, so if you're interested in those, you'll have to enter the Caves first and run the same command there to count again in that shard. The same applies to any other shards you may have set up in a multi-shard cluster.

The mod can count the following items, prefab names given for reference:

  • Ancient Statues ("ruins_statue_head", "ruins_statue_mage")
  • Ancient Statues, No Gems ("ruins_statue_head_nogem", "ruins_statue_mage_nogem")
  • Anememies ("trap_starfish")
  • Beefalos ("beefalo")
  • Beehives ("beehive")
  • Berry Bushes ("berrybush", "berrybush2")
  • Broken Clockworks ("chessjunk1", "chessjunk2", "chessjunk3")
  • Clockworks ("knight", "bishop", "rook", "knight_nightmare", "bishop_nightmare", "rook_nightmare")
  • Juicy Berry Bushes ("berrybush_juicy")
  • Killer Beehives ("wasphive")
  • Mandrakes ("mandrake_planted")
  • Marble Pillars ("marblepillar")
  • Marble Statues ("statue_marble", "statue_marble_muse", "statue_marble_pawn")
  • Marble Trees ("marbletree")
  • Maxwell Statues ("statuemaxwell")
  • Merm Houses ("mermhouse")
  • Monkey Huts/Pods ("monkeyhut"/"monkeybarrel")
  • Pig Houses ("pighouse")
  • Rabbit Hutches ("rabbithouse")
  • Reeds ("reeds", "reeds_water")
  • Saplings ("saplings")
  • Spider Den 1/2/3/Queen/Eggs ("spiderden"/"spiderden_2"/"spiderden_3"/"spiderqueen"/"spidereggsack")
  • Stone Fruit Bushes ("rock_avocado_bush")
  • Volt Goats ("lightninggoat")
  • Walrus Camps ("walrus_camp")
  • Wormholes ("wormhole")

Counting any of these items can be disabled in the configuration as required, all items are counted by default. You may also choose to not show any item with a zero count to reduce the amount of text to read. By default, however, all results will be shown.

Documentation, Sources, Development

This mod is developed on GitHub, where you can read the current documentation and installation instructions, as well as find the sources. If you encounter any issues, bugs, or have a feature request, please create an issue on GitHub, as all development is focused there. You may also find your issue already addressed in an existing issue.

Sources: https://github.com/gyroplast/mod-dont-starve-prefab-counter

Also available on the Steam Workshop with ID 2618765953.

What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


Version 1.0.4 (2022-08-19)
New Features

  • add ancient statues and monkey huts counter.
    Closes #7.
    Ancient Statues are counted separately for their variant with and without gem, to determine thulecite and gem availability in the ruins.
    Monkey Huts and Splumonkey Pods now are both counted as well.



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