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Display food/healing items values (hunger,health,sanity) Reign of Giants

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About This File


This mod displays what food and healing items have what hunger, health, sanity values (including rotting).

It will work for items in inventory, backpack or in containers.

You can use ALT button (force inspect) or button 'Y' if you use controller to see how many days there are left until food spoils.


Just go to steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods and place the folder located in the .zip archive

Once you've done that run the game and go to "Mods" menu.

Find mod "DisplayFoodValues" and enable it.

Also see the instructions in forum thread

There is a german, french and spanish translation in mod folder.

To activate it you need to:

- open mod folder;

- rename file <modmain.lua> to <modmain_English.lua>

- rename file <modmain_German.lua> / <modmain_French.lua> / <modmain_Spanish.lua> to <modmain.lua>

29.04.2014 update:

Now you can minimize the displayed text (see the last screen of mod).

If you interested, here is the instruction:

- close the game

- open mod folder;

- copy two zip archives from folder new_fonts to folder \Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\fonts with replace

- in mod folder open file modmain.lua, find line with text:


and change it to text:


- run the game

After each update of the game you'll need to replace the fonts.


- Updated to Reign of Giants DLC

- Updated to All's Well that Maxwell update

- Fix the issue with controller

- Updated to Six Feet Under Update

- Added Russian translation (use this only with Russian translation mod)

- Updated to "The Stuff Of Nightmares Update", all translations of mod combined (see installation section).

- Change strings storage for more clear code.

- Updated to "Hungry for Your Hunger" update, added french version of mod with expiration date, thanks to @John2022

- Added mod's load priority to avoid conflicts with "RPG HUD" mod and probably with some other mods

- Updated to "Strange New Powers!" update

- Updated to "It's Not a Rock" update

- Added a german version of mod

- Fixed issue then values were display for non-edible items

- Updated to Underground update

- Added version of mod which shows how many remaining days there is left before a food spoils. File name is "DisplayFoodValues (expiration date)"

- Merge main version and version with caps

- Fixed bug with text overlap in containers (chest, ice box etc.). Thanks to @no_signal

- All versions of mod updated to Live Update

- Added a spanish version of mod (thanks to @LuncV). File name is "DisplayFoodValues (Spanish version).zip"

- Added a french version of mod (thanks to @SamLogan). File name is "DisplayFoodValues (French version).zip"

- Added version of mod with caps at the start of the hunger/insanity/health text. File name is "DisplayFoodValues (caps).zip"





Forum thread

What's New in Version Reign of Giants   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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User Feedback

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@i already starved

it should work with controller without any tuning


ok, I'll try to add this


Also you can ask questions in steam workshop, it'll be more easy for me to notice new questions.


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this mod haven't been working for me :/ 

attempt to call method 'GetControllerID' (a nil value)

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I grabbed a quick Spanish translation. "Will spoil in X days" ... "Se va a podrir en X dias".


There is some discussion here on variations of the verb, pudrir is an alternate spelling, perhaps regional. Google/class wants pudrir, my husband insists on podrir. This tense is the infinitive form.

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this mod haven't been working for me :/ 


attempt to call method 'GetControllerID' (a nil value)

 You need to erase modmain.lua archieves excep the one you are going to use.

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There should be a version that shows all the stats only when holding the inspect key, instead of just the perish time. Is that easy to do?

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Crash !!! I'm sad


Any cerain crash? If not and it crashed in the mod menu, go to the modinfo.lua adnd change the API to 4.

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There is a bug with your mod: It removes vanilla blue outline from items, which appears due to wetness of item...


Also, I agree with "TeoSS69", stats should only be displayed when you hold inspect key...

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Twenty-Seven-Thousand downloads. No comments about the food with incorrect numbers. Four so far, I havnt even used many foods besides the easily gatherable ones.


I very much enjoy this mod. Makes satisfieing health, hunger, and sanity not as frusterating. Saves a lot of time as well.

I highly recommend this to everyone and hope the developer adds something similar to this too.

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What food has incorrect numbers? I've been using this mod a while and never came across anything that didn't match actual values.

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The only time I found differences in the displayed and actual numbers was when using Winnie (from Up And Away), who gets extra bonuses from vegetable foods which don't carry across to the tooltip.

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