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  1. Crash

    I did a clean reinstall via steam yesterday. I was going to start a new game with no leftover beta/test branch files possible. I deleted also my user files area, so no beta saves to worry about loader/summarizer having issues with. Installed no mods. As pristine a post-release clean start environment as possible. Started a game last night and it crashed before it could initialize. Today I got the game to initialize, but have had three crashes doing things as trivial as panning the camera on a new pre-cycle 30 colony on the base asteroid. I waited a looooong time on the send report screens but eventually game up and went to desktop. I see no crash files in any ONI related directories either. So I am worried a fairly simple to trigger crash was introduced, but the game is unable to report it. I also don't seem to be able to replicate it when restarting a crashed game.
  2. Airborn Critter Lure

    Eh, used it last night to sort pufts. Build lure, open door and *all* the pufts of type baited for ran for new room. Close doors. Pufts sorted.
  3. As an FYI, still seeing this bug on subsequent asteroids with current patch, always seems like when running on fast. Again, it clears on reload but the back saves attached here recreated it. But one new thing. If the invisible sand is at the base of a ladder, and there is also other regular items there from digging falling then the ladder also breaks.
  4. Is this Rogue in your avatar btw? If so, excellent taste.

    1. Hechicera


      Thanks. From a very old board (saved the thumbnail).

      Ironically when I first saved it I was only grey on 1/2 of the front in a streak (started the front grey streak in my 20s) and green eyed w/same hair color. Now I'm .. much older .. and grey in exactly Rogue's pattern. So I still rather like it.

    2. Ghengis_John


      Ah that's cool. Her and Wolvie were always my favorite X-Men so thumbs up.

  5. Also as of the last build, my first (and only) reserve counted as all for for the colony cheevo thing.
  6. It can also be metal rich, and metal poor at the same time (and this was on a Badlands!).
  7. Phantom arbor tree branch

    Had this same thing when digging out the tree itself. I have been able to select the orphan branch and dig it out after at least.
  8. There is another one when you go to select gas when using the automation gas element sensor: the last one in the menu.
  9. I had tried to build a tile to the left of the sand, then cancelled the build and dug out above it. Unsure if that is required to duplicate conditions. The sand blob is one of the usual ones you get below where you dig sand. Just .. invisible. Noticed it when water backed up on it. A save and reload made it appear, but it is now flagged as unreachable when it doesn't look like it should be. Three saves and screens. Auto Save 12 shows the area before I built the L then stopped. Auto Save 13 shows the top of the L, that I deleted by the save I noticed it. And since it is a reload shows the sand pile that was invisible (until you reload). So it happened between those two auto saves. You can see in Auto Save 13 where the sand came from. But as I played the game, it was invisible (as first screenshot shows). No mods. Steam install. dxdiag attached too. Boring yet competent card/memory, drivers should all be up to date. The Immune Comet PR-60.sav The Immune Comet PR-60 Cycle 12.sav The Immune Comet PR-60 Cycle 13.sav
  10. [Game Update] - 349444

    Have a good weekend. Look at no code! Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. (I speak from experience). Aridia may get pipes this weekend.
  11. [Game Update] - 348553

    My save loaded. The saltvines are still ... odd. The ones that were previously death metal head bangers are now all stuck at a 45 degree angle pointed SE. The white part is not moving. The base is twitching and quivering rapidly. The bigger ones, not the little ones only. Poor things came down, and are now in withdrawal?
  12. Had a dupe going past a steam geyser on a vertical ladder that started above it, and went below it. Part of this is related to pathing for oxygen and response to scalding. Mi-Ma scalded at the part of the ladder near the vent with a pitcher pump in a nook, and then fell to the bottom. There it was not scalding. She did not recover and path up, nor did she remain scaled. She went into a very fast error animation instead and would not respond to manual move commands. System was also not giving scalding message, so no dupe would rescue her either. After some time in the fast animation, she eventually dies of suffocation. There was a bottle of water, and some rock items also at the bottom of the ladder. Did not recur after a reload, so no save to recreate. That is my best description. Aridia w/extra geysers ... Aridia Seed: 30163752 Coor:HTFST-A-30163752-0 Metal Poor, Mixed Boulders, Geoactive If you want to recreate, happens in very early cycles. Steam vent directly to left just outside starting biome.
  13. Same, a little later than cycle 16. But tubes not even researched.
  14. Then there is still a bug or polish issue. I've been around a bit and gave myself a break to test with fresh/newbie eyes. The mouseover for the room type doesn't say this. Mouseover for the plant in a hanging pot says it gives more than enough "decor". I used a Briar plant. Internal game description says Mirth mentions "morale" (and page under construction) and Briar mentions only "decor" (page also under constuction). So I also tried stuffing the room with Mirth plants, which did not work. Why? The tooltip for the Great Room (and a couple of others) lists Morale in the bullet list with the requirements. Maybe that is what it gives, but visually it looks like another bullet point requirement. So I tried that! I can't train my next skill points now, and if this were late at night and I were really new, I might have table-flipped and left game. It was just late at night so I came and found this report. I'm on the old-type asteroid that says very survivable (drowning in water and dirt). So, of course, I'm doing mealwood, and having to move and store water to get out to the other biomes (nice problem I suppose). But this also means I'm fairly dependent on the hall upgrade as opposed to a food one for the next morale bump. Unless all those plants can fill that gap (page under construction). So there is a newbie trap here. With all that water and dirt, yeah, I'll be fine. Making kitchen as I head for more food types, as my artist is now stuck with not enough points and no way to support more points. So while I "played differently" than planned (a goal of update), the progression flow got blocked - on the newbie start. Which is not ideal. IMHO part: the plant change is bad. It makes them less useful. In an update that includes parks, it goes against people that want a more "natural" feel. So wild plants, potted for decor, animals for machinery etc. And it is just confusing, it is either a decor item or it isn't. The complicated secondary rules to add challenge (except on Tuesday, or if planted facing west make as much sense as current) are more just annoying than additive. Decor and morale are also tightly linked to dupe progression, and core in unlocking many game play loops. Dupe progression is also recently recovering from flux. Balancing this decor change with the intended challenge and progression of the asteroids (nice! but no time!) may be more of a trap than an addition.
  15. [Game Update] - 322934

    After another start, I feel more confident that if dupes start with an initial skill point, then the current rate of gain is fine. The initial point helps with the first rush of getting exactly the right dupes in exactly the right (too many) initial skills. It also helps with dupes added much later in the game. If dupes don't start with an initial point then current rate is slightly too slow. Perhaps another way to help both mid/late game printed dupes catch up, and to help with the initial rush to use stations as fast as they pop from research, make skill point gain on a curve. Dupes get the first one quite fast, with the next one fast but progressively slower, where eventually they take a while to get one. Like the old MMO level gain curves. Maybe it is already on a curve, in that case, the first couple if points need to be lowered.