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  1. Well id say caves are for a optional experience. Of course you can never set foot in caves except for stone, flint, and maybe gold if you wanted but if you already have everything done on land it will get repetitive. Im on day 55 and already explored every part of my world so im setting up a cave camp to move to after winter. Only thing i hate about em is them worms, no matter my armor i still get massive damage for.some reason. Main point: land will be boring and if you want a new.challenge start caves. Once thats boring start ruins. After all that, well if you live, then you can repeat. Also everything you need to survive on land is in caves. You nake yourself go to land because thats your safety. Prevent yourself from going and you might have more fun searching for survival needs. Only thing i can think of that isnt in caves is hounds teeth for sewing kits or traps and bees for mines. So set up a camp before goin down and.stay
  2. Generating new world. Deleted all old saves and still getting same map on any slot. Ill try submitting a help request. Only work around i got is by changing one thing in world setting from default to something else
  3. So every character i select i keep getting the same map. I know its the same map because every thing is in the same place starting with a touch stone next to the path. Is it a bug or did anyone get this?
  4. I just bob and weave and once he stops to shoot, i zig zag to him and attack. Not most effective but honestly when i fough him for the first time he seemed to easy, unlike that damn deer clops i first met last night
  5. Dont know why you dont get more hype for this mod. Quick question though, how would i use this with 360 controller?
  6. Does he get more powerful if he eats a snickers:)? Looks pretty interesting except the 2x follower damage, maybe 1.5 just to not be so op? The perks of the graves and such are pretty cool
  7. A couple game ruining bugs ive found. 1.) When you stash items in him and take them out it still shows in his inventory and in yours. If you try to drop the ones in his or your stash it still shows, only i found to get rid of the second stash(which is only a.dup image of the original) is by putting it together. 2.) When doing the above or even stashing certain items, once you take them out they disappear 3.) He does pick pickable objects like you mentioned but they dont go into either inventory so hes just wasting objects 4.) If he picks a hat up off the ground and wears it you cant get it back Besides these thing its a pretty cool mod
  8. Yea that fixed it thanks. I dont why the simpilest things i over look and the most complicated thing i tweak out on for hours trying to figure it out. Also thanks for this mod kio, keep up the work
  9. Guess ill test this out for ya. Read the line "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" and have to say you piqued my intrest
  10. Installed how you said to and not working
  11. Dont know why i didnt post screen shot earlier, sorry bout that. Anyways only have this one mod enabled and still sayin the same
  12. Updated this mod to latest version and dont starve is 86492 but its still crashing before starting.a game. Says attempt to call method update (nil value). Ive.restarted the.game but no go