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  1. I think the conflict is the change to recipe.lua, which now checks to see if your save is vanilla, rog or sw, and loads/merges recipes accordingly. But EE gets all the recipes before a savegame has been selected....and therefore dies. So we need a custom recipe reader function, or to call the existing one later (i.e. once the save has been selected, not at game boot).
  2. i'll have a look at the code, and see what i can see. i think it's the way the recipe constructor has changed in the SW build (there's an extra argument now) that is causing problems when EE reads through recipes in its initialisation. It's not like it crashes when i load a save, it dies when DS itself starts, before the main menu screen. I think other users will have this problem...sure it's not specific to my install.
  3. Verified the files - still crashed. you can't have both DLCs enabled simultaneously - you pick which one to use when you create the game. Either/or.