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  1. These are quite logical, it should be a little challenging to get gold. Also, can you try to make a mod where you CAN'T find gold in a graveyard? That doesn't make sense why it's there.
  2. Do you hae to keep the stingers, gems, or fireflies in him?
  3. You should edit the recipe, I know how and I'll do it myself, but you should change the boards to two twigs. As it looks like in the pictures. Also, no alchemy engine required? It doesn't take rocket science to tie sticks together. (I hope I do not get hate, as I was just stating my opinions.)
  4. It's transparent, so it'll seem that way at times.
  5. You need to go to the mod folder > modinfo, then change the API version from 5, to 4.
  6. I can't WAIT for the final version. ^^ I think the final one. >.<
  7. Do I need Wule 1.4 to make that work? I tried SO hard to get it to work with 1.5! Also, why would the author remove Wulfe+? It sounded like a great mod!
  8. What the point in this? -.- Someone could just drag the item with their mouse out of their inventory. :/ Why did I even come to this page?!
  9. Afro, congrats on another great mod. XD I have almost all of your mods because I have no idea, soooooooo. Good job! ^^