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Invisible Dupes?

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Has anyone else run into this?

I was in debug mode(plastic tiles), setting up farming area and I noticed my dupes kind of *poof*.

There names are still there but I can't see them - I did quit and restart to the main menu, they're back now - still it's a bit odd they do that.

I didn't see this in the known issue post -  has anyone else had this happen?




Steps to Reproduce
Setting up farming via debug mode used to create plastic tiles - No clue.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Yup.  Getting it too.  Haven't used sandbox at all, just a regular playthrough so far, struck at cycle 80ish.  Reloading will get them to come back temporarily, but they go invisible again pretty quickly.  Just kind of getting used to things being magically finished/moved, lol.

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I am not using debug here, but my dupes are all invisible now. A reload fixes it for ten minutes. Its kind of annoying tbh

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I have this problem as well even after the hotfix that claims to have fixed it.

I figured out a trick that's easier than reloading.  You can force a repaint on the dupes.  Open a window like Priorities or Consumables and drag it over the invisible dupes.  Sometimes I have to do it a couple of times, but it always makes them visible again.

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Testcase, with current Linux Steam build, this reproduces the problem for me (although I don't know what triggers it):

- Launch the game, load the attached save.

- Unpause the game and pause it again (probably not needed, but I did it to get around the problem of many objects not having the correct status after load, just to make sure).

- Open the Vitals screen, double-click on every single dupe to check that they are visible. If some are not, going through the whole list and then going back to these dupes somehow makes them visible too.

- Center the screen again on the initial position (i.e. the grills and the grooming station below them).

- Unpause.

- Just watch the game, soon invisible dupes should appear (watch the ladder to the left).



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