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  1. Invisible Dupes?

    I am not using debug here, but my dupes are all invisible now. A reload fixes it for ten minutes. Its kind of annoying tbh
  2. Terrarium needs emptying

    you are right its not a bug.
  3. Get a message saying the terrarium needs emptying. Which is not possible to do!
  4. Bottom right menue mouse cursor position wrong

    264838 is the same dig bottom right buttons still shifted over. However tried again after reload and NOT enabling the debug mode and not a problem. Tried again with debug turned on then off, and it broke again.
  5. same thing when asking for research on item with both low and high level requirement
  6. Renaming Dups

    I have this problem too. I keep finding myself with a dupe called Vi and the germ screen up for example. Also sometime sif you click on the dupe and then on the pencil to change his name nothing happens. I was unable to rename Joshua. But I could rename Catalina