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  1. Can confirm. Dupes are also disappearing as well, but I've yet to determine a specific trigger like the grooming station. I've had several just randomly walking around invisible, and I only realize they're there when they start to do something like mine or build.
  2. Yeah, and that's a problem if you need to relocate tamed critters from one area to another.
  3. Something is definitely off with the not only priorities but also traits. I'm putting this here rather than reporting a new issue because it seems related. Nisbet has the "squeamish" trait and is thus allegedly incapable of performing care tasks. However, in this picture, you can clearly see her providing care to Bubbles; meanwhile, Abe, to whom I've assigned care as the highest priority, refuses to actually give care. I've observed similar ignoring priority behaviors with other jobs. As an example, an artist who's previously been trained up but who has been given another job, like architect, ignoring the priority to still do art jobs to the point of being idle even when there were art jobs to do. The only way I was able to get the art done was by reassigning the dupe to the artist job.
  4. I encountered the same in my newly generated world in preview branch yesterday (on Windows). Not sure if intentional, but it's definitely a thing.
  5. Just as a heads up, the most recent hotfix changed this. Farmers no longer need the operator task to work the farm station
  6. Interesting, will test in debug tomorrow. Can you post your save file too please?
  7. Can you post an image of the actual source of the O2 in that pipe? Alternatively, post the save file as Kabrute requrested (typically easier for people to help diagnose/fix and/or confirm).
  8. With all due respect, I've been playing this game since it was in alpha. This bug report has nothing to do with me not understanding how sweeping works. There was a recent hotfix that changed how sweeping works for tidiers. Before the hotfix, groundskeepers would not sweep ("tidy") unless they also had the "supply" task assigned. The hotfix removed the need for them to have "supply," and the above outlines the problems with the implementation.
  9. Your dupe is !holding his breath. That means he can't breathe. Are you telling me that pink bar below the oxygen bar doesn't start to deplete (it looks to be starting to deplete in that pic), and he can stay there forever like that? Holding his breath indefinitely?
  10. OH, I have a mental block when it comes to bridges in this game, but you could also do it like this lol. Just note that the bridges give priority on the line.
  11. Are those other build jobs on a higher priority than the one she's working on? And if so, were they ordered before she started working on this job?
  12. Yeah, pipes don't like going straight through that many inputs. Build like this: I do wish that would be changed though, but it's currently just how pipes work.
  13. That save file is at cycle 1 for me, with dupes still in their usual starting position. Can you check and upload a new save?