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  1. actually i just noticed that too. It's hard for me to play now on dev build. game is incredibly slow even at 339 cycles. Am using the console, i heard that might have something to do with it.
  2. I'm glad the gold color for petro came back especially since it is derived from what has been called "liquid gold."
  3. Getting the same issue here. Have codex discoveries in the 100s now.
  4. i had no idea thats why games take so much longer to load/save and exit now.
  5. Here you go, sorry about that. I should have figured you might want them. I included the current file and also the oldest auto save file I could find. I really didn't do much with the doors after that incident either way. The Ironic Paradise.sav The Ironic Paradise Cycle 469.sav
  6. Hello, I'm not sure if this a bug or not but I thought I'd post it. Automation seems to be a bit heavy on the game performance. I notice this first when I built a setup for cooling water tuners (the automation overlay would cause game to slow a bit, it seems ok now though). When I made something like this though (see pic below) the game slowed incredibly, and eventually crashed. I was trying to get each of the air stations to charge the suits one at a time (and give a chance for the suits at the right hand to get as much oxygen as the left side). Note: I do not have the final layout/overlay for this setup because the game crashed and reverted to before I was finished with it. I realized before it crashed it wasn't' a good design only because there wasn't a long enough delay for the suit station to even begin charging. I may try it with a buffer and see if it helps.
  7. Yes happening since the weekend on preview branch
  8. No the crosstraining is for the mechatronics engineer (see picture). What was talking about is the end of the supply training. Seems to be fixed now I exited the game later in the day and he was able to train this time.
  9. As you can see in the screenshot below, Frankie wont train for Exosuit Engineer for some reason. He has Courier mastered to 100% already. I tried "firing" him and then hiring him again but it did not work.
  10. Note in pic I did connect the electricity to the stations but nothing has changed. I did however temporarily disconnect oxygen since the stations are already full.
  11. The numbers for Exosuit stations are totally missing, therefore dupes will not deliver exosuits to them. See picture
  12. I had similar issue... Mine gas pump was set to filter Hydrogen but it says "Filters: Oxygen" in the tooltip
  13. This part worries me, especially for the shinebugs which I have yet to even attempt to catch and I'm at cycle 170ish. I just don't have the mats yet to make the thing to catch them. They have been running around my base starving for a while now.
  14. Thanks for your response. Just wondering what about what caused it to begin with? All the other dupes had food access and were fine.. she was only one who just wouldn't eat to begin with even though I had plenty of food in the fridges.