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  1. Fixed, it was due to running out of space on my C: drive thanks to running bloated win10. After enlarging the petition it's all good.
  2. Clicking on any critter dropoff causes a crash and game won't stop in the steam client which requires the client to be manually stopped and reloaded. I only have a few mods running and have tried shutting them off but it still crashes.Spacecamp.sav
  3. Yep, same problem, load game then unpause and the game locks up after a min or so.
  4. Me too, eventually all my dupes end up invisible making play very hard.
  5. When planting Pincha Pepper plants they now grow up through the base of the Hydroponic tile instead of down.
  6. Showers are built and pipes laid but the dupes refuse to use them in the latest Automation update preview. Strangely they've suddenly started using them after 9 or so sleeps.
  7. I also get the forgetting to sleep until the current task is finished.