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  1. And what happens when I build bunker doors in all my surface, there are no benefit there. I prefer a material converter not a deleter :/
  2. And we need to freeze the liquid visco gel for build a plastic tile, Isn't better use a empty bottle for build a liquid airlock with the visco gel ?
  3. When you refine the visco-gel, do you get a solid debris or a liquid bottle ?. If we get a solid debris we need to refine this material in frozen areas
  4. Super coolant SHC = 8.440 it's a lot compared to water (4.005 IIRC). Now is very effective use this super coolant as liquid radiator. But is a late game material.
  5. I think that it's a rocket engine not yet implemented
  6. You can pump hot liquids like magma, liquid and gas pump have a "pump path" different to their image (square 4 tiles)
  7. Omg my gif... Mae are alive now, I reload my game <3
  8. I reported that before. Just search, is fixed in an upcoming patch
  9. A dupe need to paint the Canvas for be considered a decor item. Do it and you will have a great hall. The barracks have more than 64 tiles.
  10. First I put the fossil to lime recipe, as you can see I have 5 t, my dupes will operate this machine as normal. But if I reload/save and load/load my game the recipes change for egg shells to lime, as you can see, the recipe says that 700 g of shells is missing.
  11. I test it, sorry Mae, I will reload my game
  12. As you can see, the decor bonus string for materials like cooper, sandstone, granite, etc is wrong. decor bonus for cooper is 10% When I construct 1 mess table with cooper ore, the bonus value is right, decor = 10 (decor base) + 10% = 11