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  1. Good. Ok, so where's the mod that removes the annoying fixed output temperature from the water sieve?
  2. It would be very useful to have a temperature range for materials stored in specific storage compactors, in addition to the current filter of allowed materials. Currently it's rather easy to e.g. overheat the base when duplicants start bringing in materials from hot biomes, or collected from volcanoes. Currently there's no way to distinguish e.g. normal copper to use and way too hot copper from a volcano, as duplicants will store material in whatever storage compactor they'll choose. I think this should be rather easy to do, just one slider in the compactor UI, this condition would be checked in addition to the material filter. To account for materials in storage cooling down, all materials in all storage compactors should be periodically checked and dropped on the floor if they no longer match (it'd be enough to do just once in a while, such as once per cycle).
  3. Even if a conveyor loader is disabled by automatic, autosweeper will still load it. The only thing that automation controls is whether the item will be transported or not, but it seems broken to load a loader that will not transport. Steps to reproduce: - load the attached save - make sure to set the critter sensor limit to 10, so that it's disabled (that's another bug actually, the sensor does not save its setting) - set the loader to accept critter eggs - the autosweeper will load them Test.sav
  4. So why haven't you posted your working solution, instead of a (presumably) sandbox mockup? I've already written it twice. A sweeper first picks up several eggs and only afterwards it delivers them. So, again, what you suggest doesn't work. See, bad manners go both ways. I can easily take it from your replies that you don't actually want to help but just want to feel smug and superior. How did you possibly want to help if you're not even willing to acknowledge what I say?
  5. It'd be nice if (auto)saving was on the list of cases to consider, to avoid the delay at the start of each cycle. I expect it could be reasonably easy to do as well (the whole world model should be frozen during saving, so threads should be simple with read-only data, if the save format can benefit from creating its parts independently). Also, I'm curious, which systems of the game would inherently multithread poorly? E.g. most of the physics stuff seems to interact with cells only in a limited range, so I'd naively expect that having separate threads work on gases/liquids/heat/etc. in cell regions far enough from each other would in practice mean independent data (I have experience working with a spreadsheet application and in a nutshell that's a way how to get almost lock-less multithreading in such large datasets).
  6. I have tried building a new one and it doesn't change anything.
  7. How you even already tried the bloody thing? No, it doesn't. How is an egg picked up by a sweeper or transported away on a conveyor rail a potential critter? And even if it would magically hatch somehow in the room, it's still a much less likely case than the plain "use critter sensor for transporting away all surplus eggs". Even if the suggested workarounds would work somehow (I doubt it), this update is called Quality of Life, and so the simple stuff should be simple and if somebody wants it overcomplicated they can have it that way. Do tell. None of the things described here are simple, most wouldn't even work. Read again what I wrote, Not all additional, _all_ eggs get picked up. Too bad the egg will last only until another critter lays another egg, which will make both eggs get transported away.
  8. - Build something from a refined metal, e.g. iron. Build so much of it that you run out of this material. - The game will switch to steel as building material, even if other refined metals are available. - To make it even worse, it switches the material for all buildings, not just the one being built. This means that one can build from the precious steel even when not intended. This has happened to me several times and it's very annoying. The game should switch to other refined metals before switching to steel.
  9. Yes, and also this way the maximum number could be higher. Sometimes infinite amount is way too much but just 5 food items is too little.
  10. And some items are missing (Barbeque and Pepper Bread at least, beware if you have a late-game save). > Increased Automation: Critter Sensor outputs a signal based on the number of critters and eggs in a room It counts even eggs in any kind of storage, including sweepers and conveyor buildings. That means it's actually not usable for any kind of automation, since as soon as some critters die, they'll never be replaced. The moment there will be more eggs than needed for the maximum limits, sweepers controlled by the critter sensors will first collect _all_ eggs and only afterwards the sensor will turn off => no egg will last long enough to hatch. IMO the sensor should count only eggs in the actual room, not in any kind of a container.
  11. Holding left Shift to make sure ladders etc. are built straight works, but right Shift does not work anymore. I'm pretty sure it used to work before, first somewhen around the Ranching Update, and then after I had reported it at [1] it got fixed, but now it's back again. As I use the mouse with my left hand, this is actually a rather annoying regression. [1]
  12. Holding left Shift to make sure ladders etc. are built straight works, but right Shift does not work anymore. I'm pretty sure it used to work before, somewhen around the Ranching Update, when I last played. As I use the mouse with my left hand, this is actually a rather annoying regression.
  13. That's presumably a reference to Gulliver's Travels (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endianness#Etymology). I actually find it pretty amusing.
  14. Sometimes a rancher gets stuck calling a critter for grooming. If you watch Ruby (who's actually a rancher) in the attached save, he'll soon get stuck in this situation. If the relevant critter will be a hatch, it'll be stuck in a loop of jumping in a place. will not groom.sav
  15. I doubt the devs will do anything unless you have a better idea how to do this. Ultimately the sensor can always just have two values for the output signal, so it needs to map "nothing" to something. No matter how you do it, it'll never be perfect. Besides, what is your actual problem? If you release only water when the sensor shows it's cold enough, then when there's the cold nothing, then you "release" only nothing.