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  1. Am I missing where the pedestals are? Can someone point them out or are they not in yet?
  2. I love it when previews get pushed. Just hit cycle 200 and running at 15 fps. Quit, steam update, reload, now running at a solid 60 fps again. <3 Now to find out what an Alpha Puft is!
  3. No matter what I feed drecks or hatches, I can't get the odds to change on what eggs I get. I used to feed them sedimentary rock or dirt or whatever, and the chances of getting a sage or stone hatch went up, but now no matter what I do it doesn't change. i tried testing it in a fresh save in sandbox and I couldn't get any creature's chance to drop a different egg to change - which would make sense since I have yet to have anything but a basic egg to drop and I'm on cycle ~130. It was working a few days ago (at most a week? I remember it specifically), but one of the recent patches must've changed it. The Uncomfortable Factory.sav
  4. It's there, if you don't get it, verify the files in steam's properties and you should be gtg.
  5. My hatches and drecks are behaving fine, but my shine bugs are definitely doing that.
  6. Yup. Getting it too. Haven't used sandbox at all, just a regular playthrough so far, struck at cycle 80ish. Reloading will get them to come back temporarily, but they go invisible again pretty quickly. Just kind of getting used to things being magically finished/moved, lol.
  7. Honestly, thats great news and I'm glad to hear. I wondered if it might be something like that, but I did want to mention it in case it was unintentional ya know. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me and I'm looking forward to the actual release!
  8. I'm sorry this isn't a specific 'bug', but more like a general thing I noticed. Basically, before the optimizations you guys made in the last couple updates, the game used to barely run - couldn't have more than 8 dupes and once infrastructure got too big, I'd be reduced to the horrible 20fps or something. Then you guys did the last update, OC and tubular were fantastic - I was running 24 dupes to 500-600 cycles and still in the high 40s fps. Now, I'm back to running 10 dupes at cycle 100 and I'm dipping into the low 30s fps again. Honestly, it makes the game completely unplayable. I have barely done anything at this point in the game, just setup my inner base and some water supply, and its already running so much slower that I don't want to keep playing. The hangs and microstutters constantly kill the enjoyment. So I'm not sure if it's the way the new priority system is slowing everything down (bring back the old priority system!) or if there are optimizations that need to be performed again, but right now it's basically unplayable I'm not running a slouch computer either, it's an i7-3930K OC'd to like 4+GHz with 16gb of ram. SpaceHole 412.sav