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  2. This one definitely reads like it will tick a lot of missing boxes in the player character department. I can already agree you guys outdid yourselves on this one.
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    Unfortunately JJBA doesn't published in our country, but we able to read it online Actually, there a lot of russian JJBA fans, seriously, russian fanbase is huge! I have read all parts in Russian and now I'm planning to re-read them in English. i don't know, i just use bright colors that i think will match well together tee-hee Maxlie is my OTP since 2014 *wink* Also i thought Charlie could talk about Max a lot, annoying her sis
  4. there are other ways, yes. But if you overwrite that function, make sure to save the old funciton and call it within your new one. So you new function should only contain the preishness stuff and then simply call the old function. This way it is totally okay to overwrite the original function (cause you are calling the old one within yours new one). The other way might be the "dropitem" event you see within container component. I see no reason why it should not work.
  5. Having Toadstool get repeatedly frozen with Ice Flingomatics gives the player much more time to take care of what they need to when it comes to the boss. It makes it use all of its attacks less frequently, giving players much more time to run away because of a spore bomb or chop its Sporecaps. With how freezing works, though, a mob will only stay frozen as long as it's not attacked. You can't completely disable all of Toadstool's abilities by freezing it repeatedly during battle, as you do need to attack it to actually kill it. It makes the fight much more doable when doing it alone - the combination of spore bombs and spore caps often leaves you with little time to actually chop the Sporecaps, allowing Toadstool to keep spawning even more Sporecaps and have an 80% damage reduction that basically doesn't go away. In fights with multiple people, on the other hand, Ice Flingomatics barely do anything. Having multiple people means you can easily chop Toadstool's Sporecaps as they spawn, and you can even have people attacking Toadstool itself during the spawning process. Ice Flingomatics wouldn't really make a big difference, and I don't think the slight difficulty decrease is going to be worth it. There are reasons not to use this setup. I never build Ice Flingomatics when playing with friends because The gears, ice, flowers/feathers and Star Caller Staff do take time and effort to get, and I don't think it's worth it when I have others to help Said resources could be used for something better A friend might accidentally destroy a flingomatic while fighting Toadstool and end up wasting some of our resources because of that I wouldn't be fighting Toadstool more than once or twice. And as I've said earlier, someone might want to not use this setup just because they think it makes the fight boring.
  6. Yeah. I learned this the hard way too. Put in doors to keep my guys from cutting through my water reservoir and literally killed my entire population of pacu cause I didn't notice until 40 cycles later when I ran out of food.
  7. That’s assuming Wurt will only have the monster tag. According to the character preview, Wurt hates pigs which might make her not want to interact with them at all. Monster meat on the ground probably would work though.
  8. *laughs in 200 gold from ruins rush*
  9. My inner Sea of Thieves player desires massive tentacles to grapple the boat in place for the ensuing fight.
  10. I memed my own playthru
  11. I think its fine. The character appears to be great at exploring caves, where gold and rock are abundant. Though it kinda sounds like old Woodie all over again - great at collecting minerals but eat those same minerals to avoid going insane.
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  13. last I checked, Werepigs can transform from eating monster meat on the ground, so that's not much of an issue either.
  14. what does freezing it do? also why wouldn't you use this?
  15. Thanks for the thread, I was literally just having the same issue last night. My pacu dump tank was getting so many fish in it, I wanted to see how many, so I closed it off with a door, and put a critter sensor in it to see how many... I started with 12, and now I had 55 since I started automating. I liked to keep checking on it to see it grow, but it wasn't anymore... it was shrinking! Now it's at 20 something. Stupid door.
  16. Oops. Sorry. I had to step away mid reply and forgot who/what I was replying to. I meant to use your picture as another example of room size and pond size being counted for 2 different debuffs.
  17. I'm asking because they say that the setup they have is "way better", costs LESS than 4 gears (implying the removal or substitution of at least one Flingomatic) AND lets you kill Toadstool with "no effort at all." I'd like to see this setup if this is really the case, as it sounds like a direct upgrade to what I always see whenever someone uses Ice Flingomatics to help kill Toadstool.
  18. I don't know if I should create this topic here or in Mods and Tools but the problem still remains. Recently I have created a character and everything worked pretty fine. At the day 230 I decided that it's time to fight toad. After couple of days of preperation I was ready. The cap was chopped. The fight begun. And I lost my connection to the server. I thought it might be my modem or smth, but it happened again. Even after I putted offline mode I lost my connection. One thing that I found is that I'm loosing connection as well as toad performs bubble bomb on my head attack. I checked caves server log and it says that one line of my custon weapon is wrong, but I can't see any connection between bubble attack and no one can pick up my weapon mech. One pretty curious thing. The fight agains toad at the surface works well even tho I'm playing same custom char with same weapon I used in caves. Here I attached my character mod and cave's server crush log. I hope you can help me. I will really appreciate that. I love DST. Bibi.7z server_log.txt
  19. That's way too little, gold is too valueble to be worth only a mere 2 sanity, same thing for rocks.
  20. I know. This was a reply to the OP about why his fishies were dying off. Its an example of equilibrium due to the cramped mechanic based on room size.
  21. And if you delete the door, thud making the room bigger, cramped will go away.
  22. With no effort? I doubt that. Also, you have to raid the ruins in order to do this. toadstool's drops are mediocre anyways.
  23. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Make yourself at home !! Do you want some coffee ?
  24. The next Return of Them update is called Hook, Line & Inker.. I wonder if this means we will finally get working fishing rods and that Boat Fishing Net that’s been in the games files for the longest of time? For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about.. uhm this thing
  25. mutated hounds or mutated pengulls should drop bone shards.
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