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Relogging ruins megabasers hopes and dreams

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While I was messing about, I had discovered a neat trick to give more options to megabasers with the choice of which walls to use. This was done by taking an ordinary wood or grass wall, burning it, letting it darken, and extinguishing it before it turns into ash. Once this is done, I was surprised to find that you can actually rebuild these walls into quite nice looking walls, that I was excited to try out in my future megabases, but ended up coming short when we found out that it goes away once you relog, making it not viable for player hosted server megabases. I was wondering if we could have a change where they have a different ID so they don't revert to their original state, so players of this knowledge can use these to their advantage! I wasn't sure this was a bug, so maybe I should've put this in the bug tracking area, but I'm not sure this is entierly the case, perhaps it is intentinal, I was just hoping to spread awareness and get this available to be used.

Heres some pics to show what I'm talking about: 






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4 minutes ago, Miss Maya said:

Oh dear, this reminds me of the time I meticulously only planted red birch trees only to find that they're randomized every time you load in.  Boy was I mad.

Wait til you got to summer, oh boy the green you'll see

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