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Variations of Ro Bin

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As a tradition, so with Chester and Packin, Ro Bin may have variations. Not having yet, I thought of some very useful.

Variation 1: Ro bin in a form that protects from pollen. It would work with the fat phase of the Packin, to transform it would be necessary to feed it with Nectar. In this transformation, the Ro Bin would work with a  "portable fan", but with a reduced protection radius.
I believe that for the sake of balancing, the ideal would be that at the end of the hay fever season, Ro Bin returned to its initial form.


(Illustative image)

Variation 2: In this variation the Ro Bin would have the function of clearing the player's screen during the Humid Season. However in this condition, the Ro bin will not prevent the player from staying with the normal movement speed, he still needs to use the pith hat.
Suggestion of how to transform: it is necessary to feed it with a Magic Water in the full moon phase. 


(Illustative image)

Variation 3: The classic fat phase, as there is this phase in the two DLCs, in Hamlet could not be different, in this transformation, the Ro Bin earns a few pounds more and earns 3 more slots, totaling in total 12. 
Suggestion of how to transform: During the apocalypse it is necessary to feed it with 9 snake soups.


(Illustative image)

What other transformations would you like?

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while every other character can use ro bin easily, its a little harder for webber's, because we want our spiderfriends to be close to our base.


what if ro bin could transform into either a spider ro bin or a camoflaged ro bin so spiders (spider ro bin) or everything (camoflaged ro bin) would stop attacking him?

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my suggestions for Ro Bin transformations

- iron tank: increased aggro and protection... something like the Pangolden's shield ability

- Lily pads transformation: gives sanity boost

- walking stick transformation: runs faster, and can be used for telepoofing.

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On 12/25/2018 at 3:01 AM, Thieverpedia said:

I wanna see Ro Bin grow up by feeding it stuff. Let it fly above floor traps and peck at your enemies.

Feeding transformations are really annoying and pointless imo... I never use the SW feeding transformation cuz it becomes a complete annoyance instead of a benefit. Being restricted with slots by food is always no good game design IMO. 

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