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gesture wheel for emoticons? maybe...

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29 minutes ago, Gagarin-ace said:

i dont know, maybe some other name, maybe its not even exist yet, i m just wondering

Ah ok, I was talikng about this:

41 minutes ago, MrKoopa said:

There is a mod for emotes, maybe you mean that? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=352373173

I can't find for emoticons

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Example of emoticons: emoticon.png.3c131a847cffbf0378351348825a5b82.png:


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16 hours ago, Gagarin-ace said:

is it exist or u have to know all codes?

emoticons are used in the chat
if you mean a mod that can type :heart: in that chat quicker then yea sure
but it would be kinda messy since there's a lot of emoticons  and it is just faster to type the command for emoticon

but as of now there is no such a mod exist

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