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Hello people I have a idea that could become a DST event!

Concept: It will be kind of like the Forge, but like the game Cuphead. 

Start: a Boss called "Meowm" will spawn. Each character spawns with their respective items, and fight the boss.

Attack 1: Throws cats that are similar to "Pit Pigs' to attack you.

Attack 2: Fires mini paws everywhere and you have to doge them or it will take some health away.

Attack 3: Lazer eyes at random players and a character with darts will have to shoot the cats eye to stop the attack. (2 hp per sec)

After all these attacks, the cat will be stunned and you will have to attack him. (3500 HP)

However, you don't kill him. He gets damaged and runs away.

And then you face "Worm-Hole"

Attack 1: Spawns tentacles to attack every single player, you have to hit them to go away. (similar attack to the tentacle)

Attack 2: Spawns a wormhole in the middle of the arena. Gives you 10 seconds to hop in. If all members don't hop in, your forced to fight mini worms.

Attack 3. Slithers in the middle of the screen and this is the time where you attack him.

(5000 HP) (Attacks go randomly, not in order.) (Same attack can not happen back to back)

Next Up: Mama Beefalo. (10k HP)

Attack 1: Manure rain similar to the ewcus, the manure rain will stun you if your hit. If not, there are puddles that will have the same effect, lasting less time.

Attack 2: Spawns 2 Beefalo to attack your team, as if they are in mating season. (2.5k hp)

Attack 3: Horn Stairs: The horns come off mama beefalo's head they act as stairs up and out of the arena. You walk out, and appear to a field, no grass just dirt.

Stage 2

Attack 1: 6 Beefalo spawns. You kill them all and then mount them.

Attack 2: Beefalo repeats all the attacks of stage 1 and you can attack at any time.


You leave the stadium and "win" but then the party is crashed by Meowm 2.0 which is a cyborg version of the first bot.

Repeats all attacks from the first one, just does more damage and is a lot harder. (35K HP)

Items drop along the way.

Lemmie know what you guys think of this idea, I was just bored and wanted something to do.

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It seems..EXTREMELY hard. Like, I Like Cuphead too (Sort of), But this feels like a bit too much. 

We would need to have some very coordianted teams to deal with that, what do you think character perks would be? How many players per match? 
I Think this would be SPECIFICALLY terrible in Pubs. And i'm assuming that is All at once, As in, One Boss after another  Which is pretty much impossible in an uncoordinated Pub. Some random, not-so-important questions:

- What would the skins be themed after?
- What would the roles be? 
- Will it be in a round arena, like in Forge? or in a rectangular arena, like in Cuphead?
- Why are there 2 cats, and not a 4th, more creative boss?

- What is the story for it?


(These last ones are mere nitpicks. The idea of a boss rush can be nice, but that makes me question what characters start with what items, and how do you get more items or are you always stuck with starter items, etc. etc. Concept of a boss rush is nice, but needs polish.)

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I want baccoons in the game too but I'd like to see them implemented organically rather than a forge or cuphead clone. It's good to be inspired but I'd like to see what the devs come up with. We didnt't expect the Gorge, so I'd love to see what kind of mechanics I'd never thought I'd see before.

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