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Warning! naked screen inside, under 18 are not allowed!


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I... I... What...?
By the mighty hands of Klei, they have created life uptop the mountains. Weather you like it or not, thy naked Pegawk is one of Klei's many wonderful creation, and without them, nature itself wouldn't exist. Wilson and the rest would have nothing to view, nothing.



If this isn't a joke, but more so a bug report, it's in the wrong place. <:[

Rather odd.



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Okay!  that situation in which you have to wait for the peagawk to grow back one feather so you can pick another is gone!  I picked a peagawk naked. Can't remember if I got 7 or 9 feathers, but you don't have to wait and you can pick all of his feathers.  The OP is correct -- feathers magically reappear when the bird sits, but if you go after him they disappear again.  I hope they grow back eventually...  

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