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Aggressive Creatures - The Mutated Oozes!

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Hello Guys! (•ω•)

This is simply inspired by Bendy and the Ink Machine. I mean the concept.

Those mutated oozes can evolute to become a more dangerous one. (it’s my idea)


Polluted Ooze

↓25% (remainding 75% will be morbs)

Ooze slime - Very weak

↓50% chance

Ooze Chomp - Increased power

↓25% chance

Ooze Creeper - More speed!

↓10% chance, eat ooze

Ooze Brute - It’s a TANK!

↓1% chance

Ooze Beast - Unknown. But deadly.


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Pretty cool. Kinda like viceroids in C&C Tiberian Sun. They merge and get stronger.

I feel like the morb is a mutated ooze creature. It spawns from dupe excrements (used to spawn from dead dupes) so seems like a malfucioning genetic ooze. Maybe morbs could merge into those more dangerous critters. Then in some ruins you could find a massive amount of morbs changing into something deadly.

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1 hour ago, Nativel said:

As I said many times, we need some thing like we have in don't starve - every week's monsters are coming to kick...

Oh yeah, those restless and annoying hounds!

In ONI pirates will be the possible threat!

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3 hours ago, Madbro said:

In ONI pirates will be the possible threat!

Like if asteroids weren`t annoying enough. This would make people avoid space at all costs. We need a threat undrground, close to our base. Like a more dnagerous Shove Vole. The critter should have a sort of hive that spawns a few of those things every 20 or so cycles (maybe 50) and they would tunnel into your base and attack the dupes or eat your supplies.

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