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Can't seem to get anywhere in space..

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recently, I've been able to get my duplicants to the surface of the asteroid and have begun to collect the regolith, and I tried building an observatory, but it kept on getting destroyed, so I put tiles over it, but the tiles get destroyed, and the observatory is blocked by the tiles above it, I tried making steel tiles to  cover it but I don't have enough resources to cover the top of the observatory. Is there anything I can do here to protect my observatory that is cheaper than using steel?

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1 hour ago, kurzaen said:

..but it kept on getting destroyed... get destroyed..

Better start a fresh game. When you open surface, you MUST be ready to close whole surface biome with steel tiles/bunker doors.
You can fix it in sandbox mode, when you want..

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You need to make a crapload of steel. There's no other way to protect the surface, but it isn't as difficult as you think.

Dig down to the oil biome, and dig out every scrap of fossil you can find. In every new map I've generated, there's always enough fossil (crushed to lime) to make at least enough steel to completely cover the surface in a layer of bunker tiles, sometimes enough fossil to make several rockets as well.

You can get enough refined iron just from reaching the surface and collecting all the iron from fallen meteors. I started my bunker shield around cycle 400, and by that time there was more than enough iron lying around to make a large majority of the shield.

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