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  1. Alright, I know this is kinda silly, but I really, and I mean really want some ONI merch. The only merch I see on the store is the "hero poster", but I would prefer something like... a plushie? POP Figures? I dunno... I just want some more ONI merch other than a poster. Anyone else or is this just me?
  2. Well, we don't NEED to, but just hear me out.. In 3 weeks from now, ONI will be officially released. This means that plenty of newer player will be looking for information, and most likely be directed to the ONI Wikipedia. and I probably don't have to tell you this, but the wiki is Kinda Massively out of date. And (same thing as when I started playing ONI a while ago) Didn't start looking of the forums, I started looking on the wiki, instead. So, in order to help the new guys, I think we should all try and update the wiki as best as we can, even if its just one page, or adding an image. Some things will need to be explained how the work, like liquid tepidizers. When I started, I though it just destroyed heat, I learned that from the wiki. I didn't realize it generated a ton or heat and ended up making part of my base super hot. I just think that if we all just updated a single page of the wiki so far, we could help the newer players in the future.
  3. Man, I kinda hope that the image of the 2500 forum posting thing is fake, because I'd kill to get into the beta branch to test the newer update. I guess Its time to kick my community interaction into.. MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!
  4. Is it just me or whenever I get the "Skill Point Earned" notification, I have to manually close it. That or I forget about it and a few minutes later I think a dupe had gotten a skill point but I already used a skill point. Is anyone else experiencing this? I dunno if this is a bug or something but TL;DR, Whenever one of my dupes has a skill point and I use is the notification stays on the left. Anyone else getting this or is it just me?
  5. 2 hidden achievements. Now, I'm excited
  6. I mean, ONI is a micromanagement game, I know you shouldn't have to manage when duplicants can breathe, but I think just opening the priority menu and setting the miners jobs to be higher than others isn't really that bad..
  7. I mean, the difficulty is kinda random if you think about it. With the combination of random seeds and customizable hunger and stress settings, its all up to luck I'd say. Some people find high stress and more hunger settings kinda easy after a while. If your looking for a challenge or to find an easy map, maybe just look around for some good/hard seeds to mess around with and change the duplicant settings to what you see fit.
  8. Weird Ideas

    That could work! and in order for the dupe to receive medical care, they could be wrangled or something!
  9. I keep on forgetting what instrument they use for the voice, can someone remind me??
  10. Weird Ideas

    Great idea,but I would imagine that maybe the zombie spores would make infected duplicants randomly destroy buildings as well, since they are called "zombie Spores".
  11. Try changing your duplicants priorities to make build more important? Sometimes my dupes refuse to build because of the priorities for me.
  12. Well, with the new Skills system instead of job system, eventually you could level up your dupe until Anemia is no longer a problem, but I kinda see where your coming from, where it does take a bit to get them up to speed with normal dupes.
  13. [Game Update] - 324351

  14. Monoxide Memes

    Its science related, so I think this belongs here!
  15. I don't know if anyone has experienced this, but Cots and comfy beds are pretty much the exact same thing, but one is just more expensive and takes more space. I think that the comfy bed should give a better temporary buff to duplicants who sleep on it? Maybe duplicants who get a good rest on the comfy bed get a "great rest: bonus and better athletics for half a cycle? or make duplicant building speed temporarily faster? I don't know what buff it should have to be balanced, but I just think the comfy bed needs a buff. Maybe to balance it out make it cost some reed fibers or refined metal?