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Too "scared" to continue playing?

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Hello fellow survivors!

I recently tried DS, and I'm REALLY loving it so far! It's one of the most immersive and artistic games that I've ever played, if not the most. But after a while of playing, getting to day 26 on my second try (I didn't play blind) and having a solid base with a lot of fun stuff I gathered along the way, I started to get nervous about continuing, simply because I was too afraid to keep on playing, should I die and lose all of my progress. :frown:

So now, whenever I want my DS fix, I reconsider playing the game, and sometimes decide against it and go watch someone play it on YouTube instead because I just really don't want to die and lose my progress D: - So basically, the thought of dying in the game keeps me from playing it at some times. o.o

And I wanted to know if anyone else have been, or are experiencing this as well? Or if it's just me being a wuss :culpability:

I just want to keep my otto...

Get some Meat Effigies, and make a Hound Killing Pit. Then your precious Otto/Chester is safe from Hounds.
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Winter is coming (ha!) next week, and is the last big difficulty-affecting feature before launch. I'm still tuning it, but from what I can tell so far it is something that you're going to have to plan for, or you will die:

a) Vegetation shuts down. You can pick stuff that's already grown, but no new growth happens.

b) You can freeze to death. You can wear warm clothes to slow the process, but you're going to have to warm up at fires periodically. Of course, this means that you aren't wearing armour or dapper stuff...

c) There are two very tough monsters that are released. One is pretty much invincible, and you really just have to run away from it.

This kicks in for the first time at day 25 or so (still adjusting that). It adds an element of time pressure that wasn't in the game before, and (I hope) will change the way the game is played. You can turn it off (or make it come more often) with the world configurator, but it is a major looming threat in the default world, and it will be used a lot in the story mode.

Once that's in, we can talk about overall balance. Until that happens, we're trying to put together a puzzle with missing pieces :)

I want to see the bush hat be a factor here.
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5 hours ago, Donke60 said:

Why are these open its very strange I'm surprised I'm the only one who has found them or that goes through the archives
Last one for the night @ImDaMisterL promise hopefully the maintenance fixes this aye

I don't think there's a way to fix these posts that weren't auto-archived.

Still, just because you commented on them doesn't mean you're the only one that found them or that goes through the archives. Minespatch does it too, the difference is you should refrain from necroing threads, like them.

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