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Don't Starve unites us all

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No, Bigfoot, actually YOU guys are awesome. We just play and enjoy the game. And eventually provide you guys with ideas. But it is you, folks at Klei Entertainment, that make the game happen, and give life to our suggestions. YOU GUYS are awesome!

EDIT: STOP reading my mind, LadyD! D:

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Well, tell your friend that if he needs any tips, I can give him some. I have an youtube channel, which is actually in decline, since I stopped doing Minecraft videos... but, the 35k subs are still there. /o/

Will do man! Whats the channel name?

Just want to say -- you guys are awesome. :)

Thanks Bigfoot! But it's you devs that are awesome! We are just trying to give back! =D

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Xack, the name is KonradosHut. Only one problem: my videos are in portuguese, so they won't really matter to you guys. But I know a lot about sound and image quality, consistency and, well, video making in general.

Edit: LadyD, I've always suspected it!

Ohhhh, makes sense. Haha =)

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