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[Next space engineering update speculation] Prediction Poll

What'll be next bucko  

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  1. 1. What'll be next bucko

    • Space raids/Extra Terrestrial danger
    • More rocket uses/more engines
    • Using the unused "Incoming toxic gas cloud" gimmick found in the game's strings
    • More danger/risks
    • Better steel manufacturing
    • New diseases brought over from foreign planets
    • A USE FOR REGOLITH (please Klei)

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42 minutes ago, blash365 said:

This is a good opportunity to give klei a big THUMBS UP for not including combat in a base building survival game.

I wouldn't mind if ONI managed to remain a strife-less game.

Give us combat and add an option to disable raids for those who want a strife-free game.  Boom!  Everybody wins.

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