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  1. Hello everyone, Someone did a mod who give more range for everytrhing (or only dig and build) you can choose what you prefer. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1854895085&searchtext= Now the game is perfect !
  2. Yep i hope now since the game is launched the devs can add some quality of life to the game, i am sure we can add this and balance it correctly at the same time.
  3. Nah +1 is realy the perfect range we need, not so high, not so low, perfect.
  4. Yesterday i have destroy many ladder to make my roof, what a pain, the +1 range is only what i need
  5. I have ask it already long time ago, but nope still no mod for it, maybe its more complicated than we think i Don't master the subject on this
  6. Yep guys that could be nice to add some quality of life now, i hope the devs do it someday, maybe a perk or a research. Dig perk add + 1 to dig only. Construction perk add +1 to build etc. Could be cool to have one duplicant very good for building.
  7. I ask it since long time now, but i think that would be great, to make it a high end research or Something, but i would be very happy to improve my tool in this game, +1 range only mean a lot, no more ladder to make roof, and lot of thing would be easier. Maybe someone can make a mod, i don't know.
  8. Save File Editor

    Lol cheat the achievement, they are there to get some fun doing Something, if you want cheat them, ignore them completely
  9. He Don't work very well, and take lot of place
  10. Cairath maybe you can create Something to make more heat, and balance it to make it balanced.
  11. Trevice i have download the building modifier mod from the oni modloader q3 steam, where i put those mod ? Into the local folder ?
  12. I have not understand everything but if someone can help that would be cool
  13. Can you make a mod to make flower ignore the temperature ? I have all the time hard time to grow pinpernut flower they request too much heat.
  14. I have set attribute and skill experience to 100, do that work ? Or maybe the value is too high ? I Don't get more xp i think @trevice