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  1. Lol cheat the achievement, they are there to get some fun doing Something, if you want cheat them, ignore them completely
  2. Cairath maybe you can create Something to make more heat, and balance it to make it balanced.
  3. I have not understand everything but if someone can help that would be cool
  4. Can you make a mod to make flower ignore the temperature ? I have all the time hard time to grow pinpernut flower they request too much heat.
  5. How can we help ? if you need something tell me, but not sure i can help.
  6. We can't make a cheat engine table for edit the replicant attribute ?
  7. Ah yes so this is with the save file editor, i was meaning using a mod who give all duplicant 10 to all stat, without the need to use the editor all the time.
  8. The save editor is awesome but i would like to know if a mod is possible for the duplicant ? Like give them all stat to 10 or Something like that ? Do you think this is possible ?