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grill should be supplyed only when all ingredients are available

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I notice that, if a grill is set to an infinite recipe, duplicants does not care if the colony have all ingredients for a recipe.

So, they can supplpy pepper nuts in a grill, even if we don't have any wheat to cook it. And then ... sometimes, the pepper rotts ... :mad:


The duplicants should only supply grills when ALL the required ingredients for a recipe are available.

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You have a point of course, but it's not that simple. It's a trade-off between time and quality. Maybe some players want the peppernuts to already be delivered so that freshly harvested bristles can be brought directly to the grill. It gives them more freedom in managing their dupe delivery tasks.


As a temporarily workaround you can put your grills in a sterile environment (co2, chlorine (,hydrogen?)) and the peppernuts wont decay anymore.

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I for one dislike the idea of having the cook work in a co2 or chlorine room wearing atmosuite...

The whole kitchen idea desperately needs an overhaul!

1. Kitchen is still no room

2. This sterile atmosphere thing is a little bit op. I just build a few blocks from my grill a hole in the floor leading to a storage room where co2 will settle over time as long as there is no opening in the bottom floor with fridges that don't require power everything is fine...meh

3. The cooking queue needs a rehaul. I you want to optimise your colonie you should aim for the right food for every dupe. My tier 1 and 2 dupes don't need fancy food as my tenure scientist or other higher tier jobs. But this requires multiple grills with automation connected to fridges and so on...

What I would like would be menu plan. Where you decide what gets cooked every day. E.g.. 5 mushrooms. 3 frost buns. Etc...


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16 hours ago, blash365 said:

I thought food spoils when freshness drops to 0%. Are those two different attributes?

I mean it goes to 0% but doesn`t spoil until you unload it. At least that`s what happened last time i did it (2-3 updates ago) Maybe the behaviour changed since then.

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The food inside the grill spoils has if it was on the ground. That's for sure !

These 4 piles of spoiled foods just decayed from the ingredients inside the grills. :-/



So the food should not be supplyed until necessary. :)


On the other side, it gives fuel for the compost. :p

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