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Doors should support "Copy Configuration"

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Doors can have complex configuration: the list of duplicants that may pass one direction or the other.

It would be great if doors supported the "Copy Configuration" button for copying this configuration from one door to another. Ideally, all types of doors would be compatible with each other as far as configuration (Pneumatic, Manual Airlock, Mechanized Airlock).

Use-case: Today in my base, a number of duplicants have come close to getting sick due to low immunity. Consequently, I want to quarantine all the low-immunity duplicants inside my base. However, there are many different doors that lead from my base to the exterior. I had to define the same configuration several different times in order to quarantine those dupes.

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The problem is, doors only have 2 way-limitations. You may prevent dupes to go left, prvent them to go right, or prevent them for borh, or nothing. 

So, you have a door on the left, and a door to the right. The game wont know, whats the exit, and whats the entrance. So copy and transfer to doors will always apply wrong for some doors. As long, as there is no way to set an exit-side for example.

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