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  1. The Jet Suit Dock takes liquid petroleum as input. Expected: I expect this building's liquid intake to appear as a white "Building Intake" pipe sink in the liquid overview. Actual: However, for some reason it appears as an orange "Filtered Output Pipe" source. The building still works fine otherwise. Proposed Fix: Change the building liquid input to appear as a white "Building Intake" liquid sink, similar to other buildings that consume liquid. If there's some particular reason that it's orange or looking like a "Filtered Output Pipe", that's not clear to me; maybe document the rationale.
  2. A Pokeshell in my game sustained injuries. It has a debuff saying "Light Wounds". The flavor text for this effect says "This Duplicant sustained injuries that are a bit uncomfortable". The problem is that the flavor text refers to the Pokeshell as a Duplicant. It's not a duplicant. Filing this under "Graphics" since it's a display issue and not a gameplay effect.
  3. This map be a duplicate of
  4. I've also experienced this issue. The same problem happens if the building loses power and has power restored.
  5. With the qol_1_testing branch that changes the way recipes work, it seems like buildings get "stuck" if they lose power, and forget what they're supposed to be manufacturing. To work around this within the game, you can remove the recipes and re-add them. This is fairly inconvenient however when working with remote buildings that don't have a steady power supply.
  6. unreachable dig, when path is clear

    I'm also experiencing this problem.
  7. Duplicants in my base are walking around with zero hitpoints and the Severe Wounds debuff. They don't seem to recover any hitpoints from medical treatment (pharma chamber or medical bed). These duplicants were previously (I believe) incapacitated from interacting with a volcano. Is this a defect or is there something specific that I need to do to help these dupes recover? I posted this in the General Forums and was advised to post it here as a bug report: Save file: Cosmos.sav
  8. I frequently play the game with UI scale in the range of 130% to 150%. Most UI elements in the game size themselves correctly and stay onscreen. However, pop-up text displayed by certain screens is an exception. The player can work around this by temporarily changing their UI scale back to 100%. However, it would be ideal if game UI would always keep itself onscreen. Alternatively, allow the player to scroll down further in the window to bring the UI elements back onscreen.