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  1. Why is their always someone asking for sand-box sim games to be multiplayer. It's just not part of the genre convention for a good reason, theirs no evidence that the experience would be pleasant as multiple players clash on every choice being made up to and including when to pause. And last but not least it's an enormous tech challenge to boot. The only multiplayer I see being even remotely successful is sequential play in which you pass a saved colony from one person to the next so you can each manage it for a period. And people can already do that now admittedly inconveniently. So if your realistic ask for some kind of way to make game saves on the cloud accessible to others via some kind of password system. That's a lot less technically demanding.
  2. Note that Carnot efficiency is for an idealized engine operating infinitely slowly. Real world engines use a different formula 1 - squareroot( (THot - TCold) ) That significantly lowers your efficiency for Steam Turbines and the like. Refrigerators also suffer reduced performance but the formula is not clear to me.
  3. As it's clear Nuclear power will be part of this mod I would strongly recommend that Klei rework much of the power systems under a HEAT-ENGINE and ENERGY CONVERSION model. All fossil-fuel and Nuclear reactors just produce hot fluids or gasses and then other steps turn these heat sources into power with a required cold-sink to function. Steam or 'Rankin' engines take hot gasses and drop them to the point of condensing to liquids, Turbines take hot gasses and convert them to cooler gasses at higher efficiency. Both produce a 'shaft power' output. Shafts are like a new type of wire in function as they have instantaneous energy flow, they are bulky like heavy duty cables but have lower capacity and bleed energy to heat so are not practical over distance. Generators take shaft power input and produce Electricity, again with a certain throughput capacity. Together these changes allow a more interesting interviewing of power production and the creation of a more realistic nuclear power plant which involves more player design then a monolithic building that just eats uranium and produces electricity.