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I did a quick search and could not find a similar suggestion so, here goes:


Building: Alcohol Distillery. Category: Refinement. Input pipe for clean water, output pipe for polluted water. Release CO2 into the environment while working. Deliver sleet wheat grain or bristle berry or mealwood and slime as recipe ingredients. Produce alcohol in bottles as a consumable item. 5kg clean water, 2 grain or 800kcal bristle berry or 1200kcal mealwood and 100g Slime result in 1kg alcohol, 4kg polluted water and 100g CO2. Power usage: 120W. Working time per bottle: 30s (CO2 released continuously at a rate of 3.33g/s). No dupe operation required. Fabrication occurs only when queued. Disinfects any germs present in the ingredients.

The consumable item does not rot. It is classified as recreation and can be assigned to dupes from the "Consumables" menu. Using it adds an "Intoxicated" effect which lasts 0.4 cycles and reduces stress by 50% but also reduces Athletics by 2 and Tinkering by 5. 

This could be used mid-game for quick and easy de-stress at the cost of Duplicant efficiency, similar to the Soul Food effect from Barbeque (by comparison, Barbeque reduces 30% stress in the course of 2 cycles while lowering Athletics by 2). Unlike the massage table which serves a similar function, this can be manufactured before it is needed and stockpiled only to be administered when a dupe's stress reaches high levels. Also, since it cleans ingredients of germs, it can be used it to disinfect food poisoning germs present in the water or food.


What are your thoughts? 

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12 hours ago, MiroZagorsky said:

What are your thoughts? 

I have no problems with stress and i do not know if alcohol "fits" that setting.
ONI is a game for kids too and i am not sure, if i would like to see it in there, connected to any positive aspect..
Perhaps a space drug, which causes addiction and must be cured and not called "alcohol"?
But only after i get my torture chamber..

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10 hours ago, SL33PW4LK said:


Alcohol Reference - Reference to and/or images of alcoholic beverages.

Ah yes, those pesky classifications. You are completely right, I did not think about that. :(  And, come to think of it, perhaps it would not fit the setting of the game, as mentioned by Oozinator. Thanks for the replies ^^

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Alcohol is a little too much for this game in my opinion, Dupes got a certain purity, they’re basically children with the ability to work like hell.

It could be something else, like a Juice of a drinkable vinegar. I think instead it should increase Morale instead of Stress since the Massage table already does that. Perhaps you can ’Can’ food with vinegar and plastic, making the said food last forever, perhaps also becomes a carriable ’Item’ that dupes can carry in their pocket and eat when they need to?

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