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Why is this not a Great Hall?

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I might misinterpret the requirements for a Great Hall, but to my interpretation, this should be a Great Hall, not a Mess Hall.

  • Mess Table? Yes.
  • No industrial machinery? Yes.
  • Size between 32 and 120? Yes (40)
  • Decor item? Yes (Masterpiece)
  • Recreational Building? Yes (Full Watercooler)

Mess Hall.png

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This is not really (maybe ?) a bug. In fact, all paintings should be above 20 decor if I recall right. So if you put 4 masterpiece instead of the low decor ones in your screenshot, the mess hall will turn into a great hall. It is not written anywhere though... So the bug is either because the condition should be removed or written somewhere so you're technically right !

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What baffels me is that every square in my hall has a decor of at least 120, but it is highly unclear from the description. Even the normal paintings have +24 decor due to being made out of granite

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