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  1. That's a terrific design. I built one exactly like that last night and it works great. Thanks!
  2. Net cooling

    Last time I checked, a couple patches back, electrolyzers emitted gas at a fixed temperature, no matter the temperature of the water source. Similarly, Air Scrubbers and Water Purifiers emitted polluted water and water, respectively, at fixed temperatures. If that's still true, all three of these might present opportunities to smuggle heat out of the game. Along those same lines, pufts and morbs might also be able to destroy heat.
  3. In precisely that situation, I decided to start over and not use so much sand next time. I made two changes: 1. I stopped using water purifiers. I tamed a steam geyser early, to get an effectively infinite supply of fresh water, and then just dumped polluted water in large reservoirs outside my main base instead of recycling it. 2. I stopped cleaning vast quantities of polluted oxygen. I still run deodorizers inside the main base, to tidy up the trace amounts of polluted O2 that get created in there, but I no longer spend sand to clean up hundreds of kgs of polluted O2. I just shove/pump the polluted air out of my way, and tolerate a fair amount of outside-the-base exposure to the stuff. It doesn't seem to be all that harmful. My sand usage is way down. Couldn't tell you exactly how much I'm using, but it's so little that I expect I won't run out until long after the next save-breaking patch.
  4. Does the amount of heat produced correlate to the amount of gas cooled? If so, we could control the heat with a gas valve just upstream of the regulator.