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  1. The pipe thermo sensors are keeping their state when there are no gas inside. If you put a gas below the threshold, it will output red until another pocket of gas is above the threshold. It prevents flickering.
  2. I supplement this. My eyes are very tired when I look too much in the database because of this color. A little darker should improve eye tiring by a lot.
  3. It's a nice mechanic in my opnion to get the best out of your resources. But I agree that the 100kg to 5kg is really harsh. I hope it will get tuned too.
  4. My bad. You could try to freeze your salt water to turn it into brine and then get 4 times the salt. If it hasn't changed.
  5. Assuming you have a salt water geyser with an average output of 2.4kg/s. Then you're looking at 1440 kg of salt water. If you purify it using the machine (can't recall the name at the moment), you're looking at 100kg of salt per cycle. It's much more than you calculated.
  6. A tamed happy drecko produces 10kg of phosphorite per cycle. So Grimgaw is right on that.
  7. Honestly I was reading the forum and I must say that suggestion was very, very appealing :
  8. Hello Devs ! I just found a little graphical bug while using the memory toggle. Here is the screenshot : It seems that the memory toggle should be on front of the cables like every other automation gate. Have a nice day !
  9. Food storage already tends to bug without sweepers. My ration box sometimes show as empty but dupes won't put food in it. I have to uncheck all and then check again and dupes will put the food in it again. I've never considered automating the kitchen because of the food issues when stored and moved by sweepers. I tried a bit once and never done it again. I read the patchnotes everytime hoping to see it fixed but it never happens sadly
  10. When you "Report bug" it is sent to moderators that you think the bug is transgressing the forum guidelines. To help @Brook just add a comment explaining how it happens and adding your savegame in the comment.
  11. @Rockhumper : But... If the door is open then it should let gas flow. The change that was added is the background, it acts as drywall. So if you have 2 rooms full of drywall into space, the door will not leak gas into space and make it disappear.
  12. @CoNq : Mesh tiles now block liquids and gas from leaking into space. You don't have to build drywall behind it.
  13. Hello ! With the new QoL MK2 upgrade, neural vacillator has no priority category. So even when setting priority 9 on the neural vacillator, your dupe can't use it if he has any category on higher priority than normal. Here is a screenshot showing the problem.
  14. This setup isn't really reliable. The drecko could be in a spot where he won't fall (and die). You can still use a slaughterhouse with doors automated to close so the water goes up and drown the critters. I'm sure you can adapt your build to solve this problem instead of calling changes dumb.
  15. But... You can still drown your critters... What kind of build are you talking about?
  16. @darkpenguin : You can opt-in into preview branch by right clicking on the game in your library and going to the "betas" tab. You can then select the branch you want to load. Be aware that you should make a copy of your save in case it crashes too much and want to go back to QoL1 afterwards. Hope it helps !
  17. @heckubis : maybe the temperature was too low?
  18. I'm not offended at all. Of course, code wise pathing is already multi threaded. Or maybe not. The whole point of multi-threading is being able to have one thread on a core and another on another core. So if, let's say, the game was running on a single core. Would it be faster to run a super fast single thread on that core ? Or to have multiple not so fast threads on the same and only core ? I'm not sure about the answer but I don't think it would make a lot of a difference ^^ Judging by the time it took to Klei devs to multi-core the game. I'd say the pathfinding was not multi-threaded or at least not totally. I could be wrong. Sometimes you have to deal with synchronization issues. And they can be tough to deal with. And for that part : Hell no ! Never mix UI and back stuff. Front-end should be for displaying. Back-end to do the computation tasks. The UI should only know a few things : - Where the critter is - Where he wants to go - What are all the coordinates of his path - What he's gonna do when he arrives to his destination All other things like : get - find - compute. Should be done by the back-end. As a developper I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.
  19. You just described what multi-threaded might mean in avc15 point of view. It can mean that a task if handle by multiple threads but it can mean that a task is on a separate thread than the main game. I think he meant the latter.
  20. You can build pumps with steel. And they are at research tier 1. In my opnion, 500kg of steel is not very much and kind of nice to build an occasional pump with it. Or maybe kickstart a metal refinery with conductive wire if the line is short. But to me, it's certainly not too good to be included. 500kg of lime is way too good though. It's enough for 5 tons of steel. A whole rocket.
  21. They should fix it today I think. They will make a hotfix on the preview branch during the day.
  22. I get the feeling that devs have worked a lot on the way ONI runs. When you look at it, there's not much things that are new. There's no new things, no new artwork for the paintings. Nothing in the critter side. In fact, I'm a bit disappointed because there's not much that is new. But hell the multi-threading and the multi-framing is a very big change and represents a lot of work. I'm still hoping for new things to be added before the launch of QoL2. Keep up the good work. There is a lot of improvement in those 2 last upgrades.