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  1. Gas thermo sensor broken

    The pipe thermo sensors are keeping their state when there are no gas inside. If you put a gas below the threshold, it will output red until another pocket of gas is above the threshold. It prevents flickering.
  2. Morale Value

    It lacks the park morale bonus at least.
  3. If they are glum, they don't shine if I remember right. So try to make them happy!
  4. Fullerene on no planets 50k out

    It's not optimal but you can use thermo regulators to cool hydrogen to attain the needed temperature.
  5. Mine must be dead too because it seems glitched D:
  6. Jumping Joya Seed

    I see. It's because you want to use a planting pot. Instead, try to build a flower pot (under the decor researches), or a hanging pot. It will work way better.
  7. Jumping Joya Seed

    You can scrool with the mousewheel when selecting a plant in a planting pot. It will scroll to the right. Not very intuitive in my opnion.
  8. I don't know about your question but you can shear dreckos to get reed fiber.
  9. Or make abyss bug eat more abyssalite and poop wolframite. That would give bugs a purpose. Eliminate abyssalite. And make an interesting production chain.
  10. Tungsten is kinda renewable if you get the right planet.
  11. ONI crashed my PC.

    Your log file has a few errors. Some related to translations. Some seems to be associated to mods. Are you using mods ? Otherwise it's quite clean. A few warning that Klei must resolve. Your autosaves are logged. And there are no log indicating the game has crashed. I don't know where the log files should be so I don't know if it's the one that would indicate the crash errors.
  12. So you think you can drown me!!!

    The cherry on the cake.
  13. There must be something in your game or in the room configuration that causes the problem. Did you post a bug for that ? Your savegame might help to troubleshoot the problem.
  14. For the first screenshot with the pip. I don't know what is on the left side of the room but the pip can't go at the root of the trees. He needs to go down but the door is open so he can't walk on it I guess.
  15. If it has not changed, the electrolyzer always outputs hydrogen and oxygen at 70C. So cooling the water is totally ineffective.