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  1. Timeframe for next content update?

    Don't worry it was intended and not to make fun of you. I really hope the same as you. It's just I was disappointed with new content in the last QoL QoL1 was nice. A bit of new content and lots of optimizations. QoL2 lacks the new content. But it sure has a lot of optimizations.
  2. Timeframe for next content update?

    Can it be less?
  3. Very nice. Explained and all.
  4. Are they really better? Why so?

    Just a piece of advice : You should uninstall utorrent and chose another torrent client. Utorrent is known to include data mining software without your agreement and lots of spywares. At least it was in particular releases some time ago.
  6. You can then produce insulation this way. 2 reed fibers for 2kg of insulation. Seems a bit expensive though.
  7. Love your tool. It's awesome. Two improvements I see to make it the ultimate tool. Here is a screenshot : First improvement : Maybe make a summary of all resources consumed at the bottom of the tool. Here we can see that dirt has 3 different entries, making it difficult (not that much I agree) to know how much dirt you will consume per cycle. (Here it is 165kg of dirt) Second improvement is maybe display a checkbox next to each plant. Because in this case I would want to optimize dirt consumption. So I would want to use fertilizer on wheat but not on pepper plants. It's an amazing tool for planning. You can already do the things I mentionned by ticking checkboxes on and off and it's very nice already !
  8. Hello Devs ! I just found a little graphical bug while using the memory toggle. Here is the screenshot : It seems that the memory toggle should be on front of the cables like every other automation gate. Have a nice day !
  9. I forget,

    It's 3 weeks before the counter runs dry now. So in 4 weeks from now. And yes Klei never tells us what they are working on
  10. Communication is nice. Don't worry too much. You're already doing this on your free time and and totally for free so we can't blame you for anything. Anyway, thank you for telling us what's going on and keep up the good work !
  11. Morb farms, are they useful?

    That is really a bad characteristic of morbs. Critters really need a QoL/Balance/BugFix Update.
  12. Efficient way to make Hydrogen?

    Depends on how large approximative value is
  13. Efficient way to make Hydrogen?

    Yes it is. As it's not really what the game itself indicates it should do. But it's ok. It's a glitch that cannot really be avoided. You just use it at your advantage and it's a nice concept in my opnion.
  14. Very good advice here. I encountered the problem with a chlorine liquefactor I made myself and damn it was painfull.
  15. Space artifacts/junk

    Dirt is gold D: I want your seeds so I can get dirt.