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So I figured I may as well post some sketches I've done inspired from this game * v * one day I'll sit down and do a nice full illustration, one dayypost-10420-13764591124758_thumb.pngpost-10420-13764591125235_thumb.pngpost-10420-13764591125552_thumb.pngeheheh not much impressive stuff right now but I promise to update this thread whenever I draw something new!Which will probably be soon.because I really love this game.and Maxwell.and Willowand Beefalos.edit*click-through vvvpost-10420-1376459112755_thumb.png

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oh gosh what I did not expect to see comments this early ehuheuh;;; thanks a lot you guys!Quiix -- I'm guessing you know me from somewhere else then? :,D Haha but actually I didn't even know this forum existed until a friend told me about a week ago -- I decided I should finally join * v *; I'm excited to see that there's some freakin' awesome artists in this community, and I really like your work too!

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You will never know what they say when they screech away from you!

hehe honestly! I swear their little screams are curse words . v .Also, added a WIP link -- I just spent the last hour roughing out a possible idea for a full illustration --- just realized I'm missing the librarian and robot characters and a few mobs ahhh I'll add them in when it's not 2am jashdsadsagood night everyone~ Edited by AishaNeko
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