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  1. For susieeg:Today I was playing Don't Starve. It was kinda funny. The hounds attacked in the night and I lost my backpack for two days after that. It reappeared in front of my fridge thingie. X-D(Seriously I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. And then it was just sitting there in front of my nose.)
  2. Alrighty! Here's a new load of pictures for you guys!First, the Wes for RetroGamer2000:Then, the chibi robot for WX-78:Last, but not least, the Cthulhu crossover for Symage:
  3. @ MycoLogicalReally? German is not an easy language to learn. As an example: I could never tell you the correct use of the german "the". ("Der", "die" and "das".) And I'm a native speaker. It's something you have to learn until it's haunting you in your sleep. (Or you're born here like me. X-D)But I don't wanna discourage you. It's great that you wanna learn German. =D Viel Spaß dabei! ("Have fun with it!")Fun fact: Say "How up! Do high-knee!" Then it's sounding like you're talking german while saying "Get lost, you dumb person!"(Or how it's wrote correctly: "Hau ab, du Heini!")
  4. Hello there, I'm from Germany and the town where I was born and I still live is straaaaange. We are famous for these thingies...... and for the singing manhole cover. Not believing me? Here's the proof: (They are wondering, what the history behind that manhole cover could be. I know it. It's art.)We have more stuff like that. X-D (Art and statues everywhere, whoo!)
  5. @ Wilson P. Higgsbury:I don't wanna take your babies. I'm a bad mother. X-D And I'm afraid of the dark.@ RetroGamer2000:I can try. Just be patient. :-3@ jujubomber:You're welcome. @ MycoLogical:It's "Sehr" not "Serh". ;-DDanke!-----------------Meh, I can't find my notes for the comic strips. However... here's the first one. Hope you like it. There's no business like chomp-business. ;-P
  6. And here's the Krampus for jujubomber. =D
  7. I'll try, jujubomber, I'll try.(By the way... looking at your ceiling Wilson avatar, I'm wondering: Is there a basement Wilson, too? I bet it's the insane Wilson. Or that monster Wilson by Raven. X-D)
  8. Whoo! I finished all the requests! :-DFirst the picture for thatpikminguy:I'm still thinking, every Tallbird/Smallbird is a female. :-/Now the anime Wilsons for Wilson P. Higgsbury: Have fun with these... thingies, Wilson. They'll watch you in your sleep. ;-P(I gave Wilson purple eyes and dark blue hair. Because of anime reasons.)
  9. Alright, Tallbird/Smallbird vs Wilson and the Bishounen- /Chibi-Wilson are in progress. (I couldn't decide if I should draw Wilson as a chibi or "normal anime". I'll draw both of them because both look disturbing.) But be warned: I can't draw him "most anime looking that anyone has ever done". I can just draw him as anime looking as I'm able to. I wanna keep my sanity, sorry. X-DI'll upload the pictures, when they are finished. That'll take a while, because it's now bed time for me.
  10. Well, dear TylerTheDragon, I tried to draw your request. I hope I didn't crush your expectations, I'm absolutely not used to draw in the style of the game. X-D (Usually I draw cutesy anime stuff.)Oh, and the comic strips have to wait until friday, sorry. D-: It's 1 am at the moment here and tomorrow I wanna visit a friend.
  11. Huh? I'm being ignored? D-: Hurry, another picture! Wilson to the rescue!Seriously, I guess I should avoid posting stuff at 7 AM (in whatever timezone this forum is). X-D
  12. There you go, my very first attempt at drawing Wilson. Yay. I even have some ideas for a few short comic strips based on my ingame experiences. Interested in seeing them? (The comics, not the ideas.) ;-P
  13. The first time I saw a gobbler. (Their sounds sound so retarded, haha.) And the first time I ate a cooked mandrake ingame and suddenly birds fell to the ground. I just sat there, laughing.
  14. First I saw the game in a random Let's Play. A few days later a friend suddenly gave me her second copy of the game. I was really surprised about that.