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Don´t Starve Gamemodes Like Peacefull (No Monsters)

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Don't forget that they're adding configurations to the sandbox mode. To what extent they will go, I have no idea, but it will nonetheless change the difficulty of how you play the sandbox mode. That being said, the overall difficulty of adventure mode will be set in stone and, I'm sure, will be challenging to say the least. I feel there's no harm in being able to modify how you play sandbox mode, especially for the newer players who want to practice or just play a very casual, easy game. Some players have a little bit steeper of a learning curve than others, so why should they have to get thrown right in to something really difficult? If you allow them to have a configurable way to reduce the difficulty of the game, they won't get so frustrated, give up so quickly and hey, actually get more skilled in the process. But if they're ever going to want to beat the adventure mode and see the ending to the game, they're going to have to overcome everything Klei can throw at them. So really, what's the harm?

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It wouldn't work for this game unlike Minecraft where you can craft all sorts of cool things Don't Starve is about SURVIVAL so if you remove the monsters you remove the FUN. But as it's been mentioned before there will be a way to adjust certain settings to make the game more easy or difficult just give the dev's time.

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