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Found 4 results

  1. Now I mean health as in real world terms so I made a theory list of who would have the worst health to best health Woodlegs Wickerbottom Maxwell Warly Wigfrid Wes Woodie Williow Wilson Walnini Wendy Webber Wolfgang
  2. I've been spouting lore and theories in several different threads, and finally decided to make a single location for it. My most prominent theory is about the statues not being statues, but the bodies that the ancients left behind. Instead of making a wall of text, however, I decided to do something different and make it into a video. Hopefully that will keep people more engaged, and be easier to follow. I'm no expert with this stuff, and not much of a speaker so forgive the quality. While most of my interest lies with the statues, I go over a number of topics including some interesting details regarding some of the Fuelweaver's quotes. I tried not to make too many bold statements, aside from the statue one, but rather share things I've noticed. Which may or may not be relevant. That way you can come to your own conclusions, and add to your own surplus of ideas. I very much want to hear everyone's own thoughts regarding everything lore. Different angles and opinions can draw us closer to the truth! We're all in the dark here, so there is no sure answer. Differing thoughts will occur, but let's keep our minds open shall we? So what do you think?
  3. Adventure mode worlds get harder as you go. At the moment, harder consist of different world generation, including: [*]Tooth traps appearing in forests. [*]Mysterious stone circles. [*]Forts with walls and moats. [*]Burnt down forests. [*]Fire pits in the wilderness. [*]Biomes filled with sleeping spiders. What does this mean? Well, right now, the Things all seem to spawn together. The Wooden Thing will be surrounded by all its scattered parts. I speculate that, in the future, the various things listed above that spawn around higher level worlds will have something to do with how you escape the world. For example, rather than having the Things all in one place, the Things could spawn in separate walled forts around the map. As for the story... Well, it seems that the further into the adventure you head, the more the world has been manipulated/destroyed by some unknown force. I do not know what this means exactly.