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  1. Blah I assume that since number two wasn't on the main page...
  2. I really the first to find something for once? I'M HELPING YOU GUYS!
  3. Not sure if you guys got this one already. It seems the lines indicate the sequence of which the pictures are to be viewed.
  4. Honestly, all the "Can hardly ever get X item from Y creature." can be explained by the fact you don't fight gracefully at all. There may not be any usable, non-broken material.Same with the meat from hounds and spiders. And the spider glands aren't actual size.Treeguards having meat can be explained by saying they just have an exoskeleton of wood, and their limbs are the screaming logs. It would also explain how you don't get all of them. You attack the legs, after all.
  5. So will there be a beta test for the next update? I enjoyed getting a sneak peek at the smexy new stuff. :3
  6. I love Wendy. That picture with Abigail made me sad. >.<Still awesome. ^_^
  7. If, by some truly evil force, I don't have access to a razor or torch is there another way?
  8. I would like to know easy beefalo hunting tips.
  9. After not finding a rocky biome after 2 days of constant sprinting down roads I sorta just...ragequit.
  10. I know about the W and M names. M can be seen as an inverted W, and Maxwell is a demon. It's meant to show he's not like the others. (You know, besides disappearing underground, and trapping you in a psychotic netherworld wilderness that hates you with a passion.)
  11. If anything WX would lose more since he's already on the edge.