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Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

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Hi all this is my art thread.

You may have seen me around on the Dupe a day thread. Ever since the Ranching Update I've been drawing more ONI fanart. I thought I should make a thread for myself so I don't end up posting way to much on the dupe a day thread.

Here is a link to my Deviantart if you want to see some of my non-ONI art. Username dociledragon

Here is a self portrait of me in the don't starve art style:



I've posted these two pictures on other threads but I'm going to post them here too

A glossy drecko


What the dupe Bubbles would look like as a slickster


More to come very soon


I don't take requests. If your username starts with a z then this is at you No requests.

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so I looked at a picture of a shaved drecko to get an idea of what its back legs look like. One problem it doesn't have back legs so here is a picture of a Drecko with a tortoise style prosthetic for back legs and Ruby with a leather jacket cause he's rollin (I hope she gets off before he walks of the ceiling).


and here is a Glossy Drecko egg


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These are always on DA before I post them here. Sometimes I post them on DA and then come straight here to post them so literally the posting time difference is only a few minute but yea always on DA first.


Now I'm imagining a dupe holding on for dear life while the Drecko is upside down, but if they had some sort of rein and could keep the Drecko from from going upside down that would be cool, but I don't know how it would be a beneficial mechanic for the game.   

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