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20 hours ago, csc_unit said:

No but seriously, other than vomiting a rancid comment, its kinda hard to know where you're at in your world. I mean, first of all, have you took down every bosses already?

I didn't take down Toad or Fuelweaver

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2 hours ago, Mr. Matt said:

give me a location to go to so i can get poop fast

-Go to the caves and collect as many lightbulbs, ferns and mushrooms as you can

-kill some spiders or hounds, and get 4 monster meat

-Find a pigman, drop all the lightbulbs, ferns and mushrooms on the ground next to him. You can also drop petals and other vegetables you have.

-Feed the pig 4 monster meat and move to a side. He will start eating and pooping all over. 

-Decorate the land with your newly acquired poop mountain.

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