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in-base natural gas generator

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17 minutes ago, SamLogan said:

Did you make your pump with gold?

yes, I put 2 wheezeworts beside it and that fixed the overheating problem

27 minutes ago, Oozinator said:

Wheezies are cheaty too ^^

well you gotta cool down the water anyways, aquatuner is too costly.

I wonder if pumping out steam into a hvac machine would work :?

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7 hours ago, Oozinator said:

Last time i tried to play without any bug/exploit, i came to that point, where a dupe peed into oil biome and cooled the water accidentally..
When it's in the game, use it.
I don't care ^^
Edit: It's no real gamebreaker for me, but sure it sucks..

Lol yeah I think purposely avoiding exploits is like trying to mow you’re yard with nail clippers when there’s a lawnmower in the garage.

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11 hours ago, Arash70 said:

So the natural gas geyser + 2 wheezeworts work, what about steam geyser?

I'm testing things out and this:


doesn't seem to work

This doesn't work because wheezeworts won't cool a gas to below the condensation point + 5 C, so you won't cool steam below 105 C.  For best results, put your wheezeworts in hydrogen instead.  That removes 12 kW from the system, or 12000 J/s.

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3 minutes ago, Oozinator said:

I tried some times to use a seed, found in the forum. Never worked, always different result.


try this one:



this is the perfect seed, period oozi, I guarantee,

put 26 tiles in the middle (9 on left + 9 on right) and build the toilet on the left side and you'll see the geyser below.



try it, play it :D thank me and lutzkhie later

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