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The essential skills you need for deathless


Best main tank?  

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  1. 1. Wolf or WX?

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All six players have to play nearly perfect to make it to the end without one person dying, and it takes one skill only and that's....*drumroll*....micromanaging!

Sure you can go into a game and hold F, but there needs to be awareness and lots of item swapping at the right times depending on your character. 

Some of the general micromanaging rules that I can think up of at the moment:

  • Focus on one mob at a time, preferably whoever the tank is attacking. 
  • Scorpions also shoot acid in this order [melee 1, melee 2, acid shot], move out of the trajectory when you see this pattern. Ranged users also step far enough away from them. 
  • Tanks must always tank of course, but they also must peel for the rest of the party members, in other words, get those mobs off your healer so he/she can cast the circle!
  • Wicker is essential in every deathless and should always petrify a set of mobs by herself away from the rest of the party in early-mid game. 
  • Once final boss starts to use spinning attacks, Wicker should start to save her charge for the pigs. 
  • Swap hats for healing, using the cooldown hat for the most part and then switching the the healing garland for the actual heal.
  • Bring final boss to corner after pigs have been killed in order to keep him in one spot for the healing circle. 
  • It's recommended for Wigfrid to switch to darts for the scorpion wave only. 
  • Characters that should not be used for deathless: Maxwell, Wes, and Wendy.
  • Using Woodie as a runner, equipping the +10% movement speed armor before kiting the boarilla is recommended.
  • If Woodie is runner and second tank, he should equip marble suit and a regeneration hat [Blossomed Wreath] if available. 
  • If Woodie is in the party, it is recommended he leads final boss to corner as his throwing axe is very effective in grabbing its attention.
  • Do not use stunning attacks while Woodie is leading boss to corner
  • Everyone must spread out when attacking the final boss as his aoe attacks might hit multiple people if standing together
  • Molten darts special attack should be used on final boss just before the sleep circle effect takes place in order to keep him in place.

That's all I can think up of at the moment, please feel free to comment some more tiny rules

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Couple things I want to pick at:

  • Maxwell is actually very viable in deathless if the person playing him knows how to position. His shadow duelists provide a ton of DPS and stun on Boarrior which helps prevent collateral damage.
  • Both the feathered reed tunic and the stone splint mail are good choices for kiting Boarrior. They both can outrun, but one offers a little more space while one allows you to take some accidental hits. It's mostly preference.
  • Arguably the best way to use Woodie on the final boss is by baiting out the shockwave attacks, rather than tanking in the corner. This is illustrated here. Basically Woodie takes aggro when the boss is ready to attack, and the range he's standing at forces the Boarrior to use a shockwave attack at him. By the time the attack is done, the Boarrior has shifted aggro to the tank so he doesn't move towards Woodie, but doesn't have an attack ready. Woodie waits about a half a second, repeats. No one on the team takes damage but Woodie.
  • Using that Woodie strat, it's much more effective to use Wigfrid with melee. That way, her battle cries will reach the entire team.
  • Spreading out isn't as necessary as watching the distance you are from the boss. If you are at melee range or max range from the boss, he won't target you with his shockwave attack. The only situation where he will target someone with that attack is if they're in between those 2 ranges. You can even place the tip of your spell circle on the Boarrior so that you stay at max range while casting. Of course, the window for "max range" and "not max range" is very small, so repositioning when the Boarrior moves is key

The rest is all good. Though if the healer is taking aggro that the tank needs to peel off, they're not doing their job right :p

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I personally don't think that wigfrid needs to go darts for the scorpeon wave IF THE TEAM KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING. That means having a good petrify, and focusing one at a time. If you only damage one at a time and learn the patterns, the acid should be very easy to sidestep. You get to learn the tempo of it, usually every three attacks is followed by an acid ball. Even tanks with the -10% movement armor can get by with no problem. You can disregard this entirely while the healing's down.

I feel like other character picking up the spiral spear is wasteful due to to wigfrid's burst damage when she battlecries with it.

Woodie should not use any other weapon other than Lucy due to him having the best dps with her. Woodie going tank for boarior is great, just as long as the actual tank always has a hammer.

The corner technique is essential to all deathless runs due to a single missed heal being deadly.

Also, the ideal no-death team is 6 Wilsons NO EXCEPTIONS.

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I would say Wx, because I"ve seen far too many Wolfgangs die in that brief second or so it takes for his shrinking animation to take effect. Granted if you never let him get so low, then it isn't as big of a deal, and we tried to swap tanks when they got low health on the boss (by anvil-jumping out whiel the other anvil-jumped in at the boss), but wolfgang just seemed to perform worse than Wx when we tried

but as others said, it's all about team composition, coordination, and communication. 


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I have seen Maxwell being used conservatively by most players. It is like they are afraid to to be a DPS because they don't want to die.

The corner technique in my experience is almost always RIP. I mostly play with high level randoms though, and it is sometimes hard to coordinate with them.

A good Woodie is almost required to win, second is a good healer. The only time I get hit with Woodie is because I am not wearing the speed tunic, and the lag makes me get hit.

Good strategies OP.

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If woodie does his job and keeps Boarrior slamming (and dodging at least the 2nd trail) then you don't need him at the corner at all (Boarrior shouldn't be moving at all). Getting him into the corner just wastes time and risks you losing more health than you need to imo.

I'd say WX just because the stun is pretty useful in cutting time during Tortanks and does a bit more damage with his anvil strikes. I don't think you could go wrong as either one though.

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16 hours ago, Endrew said:

The corner technique is essential to all deathless runs due to a single missed heal being deadly.

It's only deadly if everyone runs (especially with full health) into the heal to get slammed multiple times.

A tank can stay in it while others keep attacking and the team can recover by cycling interrupts and dividing damage taken before the next heal, but good luck finding people that will instinctively do that.

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