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Repeatable achievements / More challenge run achievements

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CarlZalph    4966
39 minutes ago, orian34 said:

But what about playing the forge to have fun?

I mean, it's like a boss raid, new items, enemies, way of playing.

I can't see it as just a way to get items...

After doing all of the achievements it's not so much of 'having fun' as it is trying to minimize time between games to maximize experience rewards.

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Donke60    3103
On 11/16/2017 at 12:51 PM, orian34 said:

I feel like you're "salty" because you grinded a lot and didn't get good items. But that might just be me...


I just have one question : You do realize that it's vanity items(thus have no relevance at all for the game), right? Don't blame others for being obsessive with wanting to get them.

Well I'm sorry I care about skins using @Sinister_Fang arugment isn't a good argument they are nice looking limited things which just increase there want. We don't new skins often or skins we actually want. Having elegants that are less then one percent. Is really stupid.

I could use your same arguement. An artist shouldn't care about his image because he's still making tons of money.
A poor person shouldn't be mad or upset that the only house he can afford, doesn't look nice.
people care about how they look if they didn't then no one would pay for skins or spend so much money on lootboxes.
people like having nice things.

On 11/17/2017 at 3:23 PM, Dont Panic said:

that literally what i said this morning you just have no life xD i didnt finish achivement and not planing/trying to finish it

just stop being tryharding/slow down ur already high level
my advice is to start playing normal dst for skins ( if u want the xp to get more )
if u finish the 4 presents and u cant find someone decent to play and win with
Just Play The Game.

you Don't just play the game for skins / presents and gifts
if u accually play the game to get skins and collect **** then honesly u should stop

But it's just my opinon do what u think is good for you.


it doesn't matter how high level you are if you still didn't get the things you want.

and if you stop playing the game just for the skins 
why should that person have too. So he doesn't get want he wants and knows. that accoplishes nothing

I've gotten everything i wanted from Forge but I'm still grinding because I want those emotes.
and I "could" wait but if I do 

  • The emotes could be switched for new ones
  • the emotes could be lost forever

    TLDR We want these things because we care how we look
    and they might not come back

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Donke60    3103
7 minutes ago, orian34 said:

Why are you talking about real life stuff when I talked about vanity skins in a video game. 

well irl its the same thing

you spend money to look nice in real life
why can't I do that in the game.
however maybe i should compare it too
if you had a friend and everytime he gave you something it was crap. 
I don't think you would be happy mutiple times
and also the video game is real life,
In a sense that I spend my time and effort to get things I want except I'm not getting what I want and after so much time investment its getting me angry or feels pointless.

I could spend the money and get that money but I need the money but want the skins.
so you spend my time grinding for skins
and I'm not being rewarded just keep getting filler content.

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orian34    534

We have a different opinion on this matter, you miss my point and I disagree with yours. This is gonna probably lead nowhere. 

I don't think I should continue arguing

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Seveni    12

I'm a WX-78 main, well a person that plays WX-78 exclusively in normal dst, so the only skin I care about is his skin and thus making my life much more easy to buy other elegants with. Sure the system is made for you to buy skins, but I propose you to be a bit more picky what you want to craft for.

 I personally dislike that they are giving us chests/presents at all since it adds to addiction which developers loves these days. After a while you realise you stop playing the game for fun but only for a total grind and that's the moment we need to think about our lifes.

I really think they shouldn't give free stuff at all and just make skins exclusive from a Klei store or not exist at all since it's more upfront honest. 

Although I still like Klei as a company since they've given us free updates that cost us nothing at all.


Addiction is a sin no matter if it's a game or a cigarette or alchohol. overly abuse it and it's making your quality time to quantity time.

Try to make your life easier and lessen your burden, and you might find yourself enjoy it more.

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