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  1. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    This error occurs now when starting the game twice with the original mod and it also occurs when changing the mod file name (workshop-361202313) to something else or if I try to bypass that so does the error still occur after changing the mod name in modinfo. Greetings from Seveni Edit: Note that it is for Don't Starve Togheter
  2. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    Your character's map icon is located Don't_Starve -> mods -> (Your mod name) -> images -> map_icons Or: Don't Starve Togheter -> mods -> (Your mod name) -> images -> map_icons I suppose this was what you asked for so I could have been mistaken
  3. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    Yeah I figured this out and I have made the character more to the original size but I still have the size thing on mind, got me wondering if instead for making the character bigger so could we maybe move the hat somehow? Thanks for replying
  4. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    Hello I have tried out and learned the past days but as I tested out so did I think that the extended sample character template was a bit small compared to normal characters as said by @DragonDePlatino I was just wondering if theres a way you could make an extended sample character template with a normal character size? Or is there a easy way to get like a wilson(Any original Don't starve character) character template without breaking the game? As I am a bit afraid of breaking the game. In the attached file to my post so is it a picture of the Extended sample Character with a flower hat and looks like the flower hat was attached to her ears so it won't touch her/his hair/head. The flower hat is also really big in my opinon compared to the size of the head Ps: The Extended sample character Template I used was the one for Don't Starve togheter from the steam workshop. -Seveni Other related stuff: The avatar I have is the face of what I have done so far from the front and I say I'm not really a skilled artist and it was really annoying to resize/change the lines to proper size every time I see that the face was really small. I'm afraid that my face will become huge if I set to proper size for the hats because the body might be small too. But while with the problems so am I really happy that you made this tutorial and thanks @Sabeku for making the video tutorial.