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Killing Glommer spawns Krampus without a huge sanity drain. Also, sanity can be remedied via the use of cooked cactus and cooked blue/green mushrooms. Klaus also spawns multiple Krampi, and his loot stash has a good chance of dropping the Krampus sack. Good luck.

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You could also try the old fashioned way of boomerangs. Remember to do it on a place where crows don't land as they give you only 1 naughtyness point, while other birds give you 2 naughtyness points.

Cost whise, Weirdobob's method, meaning bird traps, is a lot chaper than boomerangs method as it uses 3x stick and 4x silk for 8 uses compared to boomerang that requires 1x board (4x log), 1x silk and 1x charcoal for 10 uses.

There will be one "downside" on Weirdobob's method if you are planning to rely on rabbits to deal with the Krampus waves because you would have to pick the bird traps and kill them thus ending with meat in your inventory, while with boomerangs the meat is on the ground and you can pick it when day starts and rabbits ran inside their hutches.

But if you rely on pigs to deal with Krampus waves then the above mentioned "downside" is on the boomerangs side as the pigs would eat the morsels if left on the ground.

Killing Glommer will instantly give you 50 naughtyness points and depending on how many days the world has you could see up to 4x Krampus. If granny is played right the sanity shouldn't be an issue. You could always make a green mushroom farm (via mushroom planter) and a blue one one and ballance lost HP and sanity by eating one of each, blue raw (+20 HP,  +12.5 hunger and -15 sanity) and green cooked (-1 HP and +15 sanity).

If you eat 18 cooked green caps 1 raw blue you will gain 2 HP and 255 sanity. :)

Edit: Added more info.

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